MAKE ANY KENYAN WOMAN CUM.... my secret techniques

I have fucked many kenyan ladies to a point i have noticed a trend that can make kenyan girls cum many times in under 5min. Since i never give any cash to girls(alpha male rules) i had to come up with away to make them fill more fulfilled and that entailed giving the best sex of their lives, you see with this three methods am going to show you you will make any kenyan girl cum more than 3 times.

[/SIZE][SIZE=4]In this position you keep the lady in the normal missionary position and legs wide spread. Put a huge thick pillow under her lower back. When you are fucking her hold her neck with your right arm and move backwards to position yourself in a way that your fucking upwards[/SIZE][SIZE=5].[/SIZE][SIZE=4] fuck her with a gentle motion while you are kissing her neck cheeks and niples. In a few minutes she will explode with orgasms so hard she willing songs about you in her old age.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5] [/SIZE][SIZE=5]In this position place the lady in a normal doggy style position with her head touching the ground or bed place two pillows under her tummy so that shes resting on them to form an ‘n’ like character [/SIZE]take one arm and place it on her back to restrict movement hold the hand firmly [SIZE=5]. move directly parallel on top of her such that you are fucking her downwards use your free hand to massage her tits don’t pump hard and take your time in a few minutes she will get an orgasm similar to an old nokia phone kept on vibrate mode.[/SIZE]

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