Makanika kuja hapa haraka Sana.

Hii contraption…nipe maoni. Mabaya Kwanza. Mazuri pia sigwes sahau. Kuna nyangau anadai hii ni hasara Tu. Compared to the two door Prado or any other similar thing. Any talker with experience with the pajero either owning or just driving…the floor is yours.[ATTACH=full]128823[/ATTACH]


$6,500 for a [SIZE=6]1999[/SIZE] car? Run for the hills and never look back.


Am not even intending to call the maafaka. Hawa ni wakora Tu plus that price…wacha Tu. But on its mechanical perspective, how does it fair. Seen some in pretty much good condition. Price should be like? Are there later versions with Almost the same design?


@introvert kuja kiasi.

Pia kina hizi. [ATTACH=full]128825[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]128826[/ATTACH]

That car is very old for 650k and considering its a three door tuktuk. No worthwhile pickup worth 650k. pickup serviceable huchezea 1.2m and up


The 120 Prado huwa how much …that is reasonable pricing…650k nayo nî ukora.

prado sina habari. angalia kwa websites kama olx ingawa prices itakuwa inflated kiasi. na sasa pajero maze ya kitambo hivo? alafu sijui 1800cc ama ni 2000cc? hiyo ni engine inafaa gari ya 1100-1300 kg hivi

These cars, Prados, Isuzu Rodeos etc are good when purchased new or close to new. No more than 5 years old with low mileage. They last close to a good 10 - 14 years with regular maintenance. Then the problems start. As an FYI, when looking to purchase a 4x4, lean towards a 4 door to fully enjoy your experience.

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Chasis iko na shida @ introvert ?

@introvert , give this guys a ride on the blue monster

Then let’s see if they will still be saying pajero this/pajero that after the ride

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This exact model (but with sun roof) was acquired in 2010 at half the amount.
First order of business was to remove that paper mache engine so Introvert Jr. can have a scale model to play with.


The car is now being properly used and abused.
If anyone has had good experiences with Pajero Diesels please raise your hand.
My honest opinion, their diesel engines are shit.
For that price, it had better be the 4 cylinder petrol one with the bullet proof engine (like the GK ones).


Io kitu I Nakunywa mafuta kama fielder tatu


Which power house did you put in? Nipe mbisha. I need to pay you a visit cheque in hand.:D:D:D:D:D

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Links to where one can source a unit are very much welcome. It’s time to hit the bush.

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First Nissan SR Turbo,
Then Toyota Supra 3.0 inline 6,
Currently Toyota 1UZ 4.0 V8.
There shall be no further engine swaps. :D:D


Not forgetting the baby on board sticker at the back. Or rather baby omera.


Hapa introvert fungua consultancy, mtu anatuma kitu kwa paybill ya your local.
Wait, you got it at 300k in 2010, kwani mwenyewe alikuwa anaitupa ama it had an engine knock na gear box blunder


Had a chap who bought a pajero from the army guys dirt cheap. Twas a petrol with fuel pump issues. Let’s say he will never touch pajeros with a ten foot pole. Never talked about it again. Sold it for 800k imuondokee.looked like this one. Always at the garage . Hell on earth [ATTACH=full]128830[/ATTACH]

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