majuu and crap


Staying in a hotel is understandable for security and privacy reasons. How many times have u heard someone was kidnapped for ransom? And I can’t stress the privacy part enough! When I last came for a visit, day two I was in the kitchen cooking chapo for guests. Sema kuboeka. They couldn’t even wait for jet lag to isha and they are already streaming into the house. This tabia needs to stop.


Chill, it was on a light note @senior dere

:D:D:D:D…ati senior dere…Wewe uncle wacha matusi…Wira ni Wira

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Utani tu… Nothing serious about the comments… BTW, me ni mtu wa Mjengo na siringi

Hata sisi watu wa Rongai tuko majuu.

@mabenda4 Luther alisema TUWACHE POMBE BOSS

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Shyvone yule wa klost detected.

One dude left Mombasa for Canada, came back after two years and was asking us which side is mwembe teyeriii. Left his ass at GPO.


What about those who go to India, then come back talking with an American accent

Hahaha nyinyi watu mko na roho. Mimi nitakuwacha ukijifanya at the first instance


Kama ni bro ama sis wako utamuwacha uende wapi?

I can’t take bs from a grown ass adult

Nope I’m not Shyvone. I wasn’t much of a participant in klost

Baby i donno why bt am inlove with u…nipe contacts mrembo

Ati jet lag :D:D:D

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Jet lag na mtu ametoka tanzania