Majority and Minority Leaders Line UP

Kenya Kwanza

Kimani Ichungwah - Majority leader

Owen Baya - Dep Majority leader

Sylvanus Osoro- Chief Whip

Naomi Waqo - Deputy Chief Whip


Aaron Cheruiyot- Majority Leader

Tabitha Karanja - Deputy Majority

Bonny Khalwale - Chief Whip

Stephen Lelegwe- Deputy Chief Whip

Asimio has a similar list because they believe they are the Majority

Who’s going to decide on the Majority?

In all fairness, Azimio is the majority party in the NA and they deserve the Majority Leader et al positions. I am not sure whether the law can be changed mid-stream.

Yaani will all the info out there lazima u copy?


I have seen both lineups
Azimio has fronted very good guys in the senate but wamecheza kiufala Kwa N.A

KK on the other hand have a very good lineup Kwa N.A but senate ni jokes


Makes sense

Maslahi ya Coast ina angaliwa sana

I thought a parliament without an official opposition leader the winner forms government and the runner up produces majority leader ama? You can’t be Executive, legislature and judiciary at the same time. The executive, UDA, governs, and ODM/ Jubilee checks the excesses of the executive.

Deputy Majority leader should have gone to Mombasa, not kilifi

Where did you get that idea? Who was the majority leader in 2013 and 2017?

There is a constitution that defines who the majority leader is. Azimio is a Political Party and not a Coalition of Parties. The only contestant in the party was Raila. They changed the law last minute. Constitutionally, ALL minority leaders can only come from ODM. As for Wiper, Jubilee, DAP, they should not be producing any leader in the minority.