Major Security Vulnerability Exposed

Nyayo Estate and Pipeline Estate: Same WhatsApp Group.


Those cars she is driving ar probably worth more than the house she occupies there. New money kiburi nasumbua yeye

kienyejis have zero chills. As long there is money, they can take a dump on your face and feel nothing about it. After all, they don’t see the point of having money if you cannot flaunt it. It causes them a migraine to have money and not be able to do something with it.


The son is a guy I thought ni mtoto ya pp2

@mikel na akina @Abba tebu mkuom ivi kiasi. Hizi ni tabia gani mnatuletea town. Bitch has a nice whip tho’ …

Is your head hit by a donkey? No terrorist organisation has ever blocked entrance and exit gates at a residential area to attack.

West gate and the other one i can’t remember are the size of a small estate. And yes they have, the humus recently did it in kibust estates in iserel.

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Multiple gates are not put to deter terror attacks.

People die at stadium gates, you know why? that’s the reason residential area have multiple gate.

To prevent what happen at stadium. When people panic, rush out, die, not terror attack.

you are not a crowd control expert, Shut your big mouth

Jinling has many people that any city in Africa, and any single building house more people that the so-called Nairobi residential estate you’re talking about.

Huyo ni bukusu. Uliza @uwesmake

Nyayo imekuwa na uchokosh since tene

Hao wochman wa gate A , B huwa maumbwa saidi

Uwesmakende tebu sema ivi; hao watchie wa dayshift huwa maumbwa sana. Nightshift nikiwa duty, bora tu utoe ya macho, unaingia kaa Choo…

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Be nice to msito @anon46421834

Hakuna mtu hua na kiburi kuliko bibi ya any western or nyanza politician…its even worse kama ni 4th 5th or 6th wife…kiburi sana.

Ukweli mtupu

Eastlands ni place ya chikosh wote… Since AD

Siwezimind kuonja mkia ya huyo mama

You must be very dumb to imagine that a estate with 8000 units has only one entry and exit point.Even dumber to imagine that a terrorist first blocks an entry point before attacking.