Major local share ownership of local companies

If such a law was passed such that ownership of all companies required a percentage.

In other words, as Kenya expands to the world and locals are bought out and priced out of even their wives punani.

Sample gulf: locals in kina Abu dhabi, katari Saudi always get preference and major ownership.

It’s now or never kabla Haiti moment.

What the hell fools thinks happened in Haiti and Cuba? Foreigners bought everything until locals said no

Pay attention kenyans.

Shilingi ya Kenya is basically cowrie shells.

Join BRICKS ama mdinywe as wakoloni dump ndolla and own all of you at their convenience rate and buy and own all of you.

The slaves here who go to the Gulf know they can never replace them and only serve as slaves to them.

Wakenya wasipofungua mecho, slavery itaingia mtaani tena soon of it ain’t.

And if Africa can’t defend itself soon, oh well here we go again.

Hii ni ndoto as long as the house nigger is in charge… anapenda sana kulambwa mcoosh za his white masters akiwika Yes Massa!


Kenya ni kama kwa Malaya, ukilipia room, unajisaidia kisha unawachia keja wenyewe unarudi home. Foreigners can should never own nada. They can only rent. Else wakenya will be homeless chokoras soon.


Kenya works except for Kenyans.


Why would the people allow themselves to be beggars in their own country. It buggers the mind. All Kenyans who been abroad know what it means to have a motherland. Unfortunately our motherland can be sold for a song. One wonders what happens there after? When millions end up landless and homeless and can’t afford the rent by the owners.

This is precisely what is going on in London, where everything was bought by the capitalist owners, and locals can never afford hata SQ.

Capitalism is a concept Africans never understood. It basically means slavery for the masses by the bourgeoisie who own all.

For profit, y’all shall slave die and whatever it takes for the owner to make profit. Whether by war, by indoctrination by all means necessary. You will toil and slave for coin that is owned by the man.

Forever in their prison where the prison guard can come and go at their pleasure yet you can never leave.

Any fool can come to visit and own Kenya yet even Kenya’s brightest can’t visit the fools.

The slave master can own military bases yet kdf can’t even eat ngumu anywhere close.

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The slave master can own military bases yet kdf can’t even eat ngumu anywhere nje ya barracks.

Seriously which fool gets raped for a thousand years and still gives his rapist free reign in their mother’s house?

Ile ujinga iko Kenya, sijui.

The fcuking chickens give the fox the chicken coup mansion.

Look, I’ve shared this exact opinion on this forum multiple times. A lot of Kenyans have also expressed similar sentiments on the r/Kenya subreddit. However, there’s always people defending these foreigners. Kenyans like to take the moral high ground on all issues to their own detriment. For example, when you mention that we should limit Indians/Somalis/Whites from coming into this country and acquiring property, all the stupid Uncle Toms in the comments always say that it’s racist etc etc. No shit, why do Africans like to treat everyone else with respect even when there’s no reciprocation?

I sometimes tell people that we should probably start making foreigners very uncomfortable in this country (just like they do in their own countries) but stupid Africans always put their Christianity on display in such conversations saying how we shouldn’t treat others unfairly. These people are dumb. Most Kenyans have no concept of self-preservation. Other races are able to succeed and hold onto their assets because they’re very territorial. Somehow, Africans don’t understand this simple fact. How can you let people into your country, treat them better than locals, allow them to have the best property, and still let them treat you like an inferior being? It boggles my mind.

I mentioned in a different post that we need right wing politicians in this country to straighten some of these issues. Immigrants should always live in fear at all times (I’m sorry to say so). They should always be aware that we can kick them out at anytime. The problem is that Kenyans are either too nice, maybe even too submissive or both to even raise a finger in protest at the mere sight of these encroachers.

I’ve been going around different malls and all I see in these high end establishments are fucking Indians and muzungus enjoying life as Africans are busy hawking mandazis and saluting these foreigners. Africans never learn!

Look at America and Europe for example. There’s a lot of push against immigrants and foreigners of any kind and the guys winning elections there are right wing. Why can’t Africans see this and say, okay it makes sense. Foreigners acquire property and price out locals, they compete for jobs with locals and as if that’s not enough form parallel societies in their new countries. This has happened in America with Indians and other Asians who take over entire neighborhoods totally pricing out the locals. Just look at Canada. Citizens there are pissed that panjeets have taken over every slot in college campuses, housing in places like Brampton etc.

Africans should look at these events and ask themselves serious questions. Why do we have so many Hindu temples around? Why do we have entire neighborhoods of Indians in Nairobi? Most importantly, why are Kenyans letting these people treat them like shit? Why is nobody burning their houses? Why isn’t anyone teaching these idiots a lesson? We should be sabotaging their businesses all over the country ruthlessly until they get the message.

Kenyans seem to be the only ones who don’t understand geopolitics. They let anyone into their country and start treating them like gods. It’s unbelievable.


It boggles the mind. Right.

I get all that but the bottom line is can negros truly run a functioning society let’s say hypothetically we deal with the Indians as you say will our supermarket shelves still be full 6 months from now the only way the negro rises is if we have serious capital formation which can then be invested for the negro to redeem himself your method is just but would do more harm than good

You ignored the whole premise of the thread.

What say you would do more good than harm?

You give these muhindis too much credit. Do you think our food comes from India? Our food is grown right here in Kenya. The only thing the Indians do is process the food and package it.

The only reason Kenyans can’t do that is our leaders are in the pockets of these panjeets and are paid to make sure Kenyans don’t enter that industry. You should look at an industrialization program that was halted during Moi’s time because Indians requested it to prevent any competition from locals. Africans would get a space, capital and subsidies to do manufacturing.

There’s not a single thing these panjeets, Somalis and Muzungus do here in Kenya that Africans can’t. We are not Uganda or Zimbabwe. These are very different times.

Learn your history.