major changes LGBTQ is making

  1. They want pedophilia to be changed to a sexual preference and not a crime. They want it changed from pedophile to ‘persons attracted to minors’ and say its not mental. Pedophilia is currently categorized as a mental disease and a crime.

  2. Drag shows are now legal. Children can go to strip clubs if they feature drag shows.

  3. Drag shows for kids is very popular for kids

4.The pornographic book “This Book is Gay” is proudly displayed in
. The book teaches kids how to have sex and use sex app

  1. 'Gender Affirming Centers’ which offers puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones. They treat kids as young as SEVEN.

  2. You should use they/them pronouns for toys and include non-binary people in storytelling so kids can get used to they/them pronouns

Hio ni nini sasa? :mad::mad:

Sickening! LGBTQ do your thing but don’t drag kids into this bullshit. Asking kids to participate in a drag show is abuse!

Manipulating kids to become faggots, a time is coming when those kids will grow up and revolt. The movement will self destruct, they will be hunted like dogs. These misled kids will be so bitter and take radical stands as they seek revenge.

Porn is the enemy

big pharma wants your son to become a tranny… hizo procedures ni worth thousands of dollars, na hizo mada zinakuwa lifetime commitment kama HIV… its al;l about money

You can partially blame the Media …
They think this is a game …
Bure Kabisa …

Wat the fuckkkk ,I can see a young @Weyn being taught LGBT syllabus[ATTACH=full]467511[/ATTACH]


That’s so cringe… Tf

This is coming worldwide that’s why people are being programmed to accept them by using slogans like Love is love. No its not! Hata kuna California gay choir released a song “We are coming for your children” and people ignored that warning. But if you knew why they are coming for your children its because Satan knows the only way to make God angry is to go after children because the younger they are, the closer He is to them. Hata wametoa armbands za world cup



I’ll personally use my resources to fight it in a brutal way outside media and without burdening the overwhelmed government.

My village was part of the early adopters of that vice due to the prevalence of contaminated tourists but i managed with the support of straight village youths & women. The local admin & D-s were forced to accept it and be numb.

It’s high time I extend it beyond. Be watching local news.

Same trajectory that gayism followed.

At one point the American Psychiatric Association considered homosexuality a mental disorder, now it’s legally accepted.

Liberals hawana akili ata kidogo , yet people idolize them Westerners and their “high IQ”

This is a sirias thread mr. chief chokosh

Hacking your phone and deleting those monotonous screenshots is in my bucket list


My village.

I have a serious firewalls[ATTACH=full]467552[/ATTACH]

Social conditioning. The idea is to normalize these things so that you get used to it. Your kids will likely be very accepting of g.ays, or at the very least they will learn to keep their negative opinions on the LGBT community to themselves. There is nothing you can do about it, short of living in a community that shuns technology and modern life like the Amish people.

Seems you are planning a candlelit dinner for @TrumanCapote
All I see are scented candles, herbs, spices, and a recipe book

These events must happen because the Bible foretold them. The sign of Sodom and Gomorrah is widespread homosexuality. End Times are here!

:D:D:D:D:Dwacha nicheke Kama wale wasee imeandikwa walicheka Noah akitegeneza meli