Majini ya Thika

The vanishing buloti

I was new in Thika way back in 2009. I got a job in a famous shop in Thika more like a supermarket located in Thika main stage, since the salary was kidogo I decided to look for a cheaper house within Thika .
A workmate of mine called kiragu suggested I look for a cheaper house in kiganjo Thika. Was a nice idea plus I could still walk to work , a 45 minutes walk or I just pay 20bob fare from kiganjo to Thika town.
Kiganjo is densely populated and the chances of banging girls from all tribes of Kenya is high plus it’s more of a slum kiasi though nyumba sio A matope au mabati. After long search one Sunday , I found a cheaper plot to rent. Rent was kshs 1300 maji na stima ndani so rent na deposit was kshs 2600. Seemed fair for me . Plus iyo keja ilikuwa karibu na very famous stage called Kona 1 on yah way to Thika dumpsite called kangokiiiiiiii.
I moved in the following day n since I didn’t have much household items kuhama ilikua rahisi. Just a mattress , clothes and few utensils na stove.
In the buloti we were like 16 of us , most occupants were watchmen and hustlers plus one teacher who lived in door 7. Since I was new there I decided to mind my business and just concentrate in my job n maybe sometime screw the Thika beibs.
1st night in plotii ya maidaimono
The 1st night was rather strange but I didn’t give a damn about it . I slept at around 12 a.m after kumaliza kupanga vitu zangu… the moment I closed my eyes I felt a tap in my shoulder, but ignored , then felt a cat groar in my chin yani vile pakaa hugorotaa zikijisugua na wewe uzipende. I opened my eyes and all I saw was just a housefly flying playing with the bulb…
Part 2…

1st night******
Vanishing buloti********
† I stared at the housefly , but something was not adding up , inzi inafanya Nini ikiburuka buruka usiku. I tried to close my eyes n sleep but it’s buzzing woke me up again , I decided to turn off the lights izo maziiiiiiiiiiiiiii za hiyo inzi ziiishe , n true zikaisha .
Was then woken up by footsteps in the roof I followed the footsteps from far then past my roof to the neighbours , a scenario that happened thrice then heard cats fighting. Damn cats ’ said to myself before falling into deep slumber . Niliamshwa na alarm ya simu kitu 5a.m . My body felt stiff and tired as if nimelala mjengo . ‘labda Ni juu ya kulala late’ said to myself as I cooked some coffee before taking a shower. .
Kuingia shower , the place was quite and felt as if am in some sort of void. Hizi Ni zile bafu mbili hutumiwa na ploty mzima but funny thing no one was up early to shower so I took my time taking the shower and of coz wanked imagining myself with size 8 , she was my crush why lie Kwanza ile song ya mateke made me climax to orgasm ………hebu I go back to the story sio POA kudivert story Kama chizi , issue Ni madaimoni.
I went to work much earlier since job by 6:50 a.m was at the door waiting for the other workers to report since shop ilikuwa inafunguliwa kitu seven that fare hivii.
Job nilidunga Kama kawa till jioni.
On mAh way home I passed in mukeeretii market bought mosquito net and some groceries , I loved cooking my own food sipendi food za hoteli. I then passed by nyumbani pub in makongeni nikapiga jug moja ya keg before taking a bodaboda to kiganjo. Nilishukia Kona 1 at around 9p.m and decided to walk to my new residence it wasn’t far was a 10mins walk from the stage karibu na an old figtree . On reaching the residence I wiped my eyes not to adjust focus but in disbelief . I could see the fig tree but couldn’t see the buloti. I even walked there placed my groceries which were in a green paper bag together with the wrapped mosquito net and wondered if I was lost or wat the fuck was going on here. Maybe I was drunk n lost I chose not to ask passerbyes they might think m mad, I chose to walk back to the stage n trace back my steps may be I was lost .
I went back to the stage n walked accurately past msamaria to the figtree. Wtf the buloti was there and mwalimu of door 7 was just outside throwing some garbage in the dustbin walked past him n said hey before opening the gate na kuingia . I lived in door 3 .
2nd night up next

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buloti ya madaimono

vanishing buloti

episode 3

written by macharia wa kamau

category ::::paranormal /ghost stories

based on true events

niliingia kwa nyumba prepared supper , ate ,washed the dishes , then lay in my matress as that was the only place i could sit n sleep.

as i sat in the bed there was a knock at the door . maybe it was the caretaker i wasnt expecting any visitors . i rose ,walked and opened the door but there was no one . i checked the verandah n still there was no one all tenants were tn there rooms. i clicked then walked bACK hata before niketi another knock this time the door was knocked 5 consecutive times .

i opened the door in anger ready to teach whoever was joking with me a lesson , kufungua mlango there was no one . au ni watoto wanabisha bishaa wanapotea ’ i asked myself . i closed the door and stood there ready to deal with that motherfaka playing with me . what followed was a soft knock then uncontinues violet knocks . i opened the door ready to kick whoever it was but suprisingly there was no one, just wind swinging the clothes in thelines. i was starting to get scared . i closed the door very fast then squatted my heart beating very fast . i was waiting for it the knock . yes the knock but interestingly there was no knock .

i tried to recount the things happening , but no way i didnt believe in ghost stories and father christmas all i believed in was myself .

i lay in the matress staring at the roof , yes the roof , sio zile roof zina ceiling but zile roof za mabati mzee unahesabu zile mbao zimefanya rooffing.

i i stared in the roof the footsteps started again this time it was like they were concentrating with my roof alone . the steps were not those of a cat but like those of a hipopotomus.

i closedmy eyes then covered myself with the blanket scared till what i feared happened , at my foot inside the blanket i felt rough hands massage my legs i opened my eyes and stared and this scary face was staring back at me smiling. the face once like that of a 80 year old lady,shreked and cracked . "u must be dreaming " i said myself closing the eyes and opening them . fuck the face was there staring at me amused like trying to tell me “unadhani nitapotea ?”.

i threw the blanket then rushed for the door . on reaching the door it was a dead end . no door but a wall the lights were on , i checked the 4 corners of the room but there was no door or window . what was happening .

the blanket which was at the far end of the room began to rise up as if someone or something was beneath it. yes it rose up to form a human figure as if in a robe.

the figure started moving towards me , i tried to scream but couldnt scream . its then i sw the figure dro something , yes a machette . this time i decided i must scream “uiiiiiiiiiii,uiiiiiiiiiiiii,uiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”.

'knock ,knock ,knock, 'wheeeeeeuw i woke up covered in sweat , wtf i was dreaming. i had fell asleep after eating my supper.i did sign of the cross tho i wasnt a believerof any religion, then sat upright, i checked if the door was there n yes it was there so was the window . damn wat a crazy dream. its then that i heard a knock on the door , the wall clock said it was 12a.m ,then another knock…

Episode 4
vanishing buloti




************************** ’


“ni nani” i asked questioning my state of mind

"ni mwalimu wa door 7 hebu toka kidogo "

swallowed saliva, then walked to the door , i peeped through tha kakioo at the top of the video . yes it was mwalimu together with other tenants outside .

i opened the door and everyone seemed sad .

“kuna nini ?” i asked mwalimu

“baba esther alikuwa amezirai ?” he said

“baba esther …pause …” i seemed lost

"baba esther wa door 12yule driver wa 2TS , ametereza kwa choo akaanguka " mwalimu said worried .

baba esther was recovering from the short seizure , he was siting at his door looking at me as if he had seen a ghost .

“wewe kijana mbona umenisukuma nikitoka choo ?” he said pointing me with a glass of water he was holding .

everyone seemed puzzled as if we were playing a jigsaw , all stares directed at me. luckily mwalimu came to my rescue and said he saw baba esther fall alone as he left the toilet . everybody nodded in agreement and baba esther became more confused as he gulped more water .

as we talked and enquired more from baba esther , something strange happened . security light ya nje ikaungua then what followed was a lound electrical fault at the main meter box . pap we were all in darkness .

everyone pressed his phone to see direction to his room , oti wa door 2 had that big phone with a torch akamulika mulika kila mtu akaona kwake . i was scared of going back to my room but since i had now become a suspect in baba esthers fall i entered slowly in my room lockin the door then walked in the dark till i located my bedsheets.

i was wondering asubuhi itafika saa ngapi but didnt know i was to see more than i anticipated . i lay in the blue matress zile za superfoam afraid of closing my eyes . outside i could hear other tenants locking their doors and within a short time every was back in his or her room …

as i lay in the bed i heard the main open with a big bhang then started hearing footsteps starting from the gate . and since nilikuwa nimelala chini i had them perfectly from my judgement those were high heels , ko…ko…ko…ko…ko… the heels walked slowly then faster past door1 , then past door 2, but when the footsteps reached my door they stopped …hapa roho ikaanza kuchapa kama darama za wakorino . …ko…ko…ko…ko…the footsteps went ahead past door 4 hadi door 8 ile ya kona karibu na choo. then started moving back again and u guessed it right the footsteps stopped at my door . hapa ni pale you try recalling the lords prayer you used to memorise and all you can rememeber is.

"our father who art in heaven,


every other line has evaporated

“halooo,halooo children …no,halooo be kieleweke,”


the footsteps then walked past the door to the window and knock knock knock .

sasa how do you reply when i dont know what knocks in your window ?

i slowly sat on the matress , located my shoes as the ko…ko…ko… continued … i decided kama nikufa lemmi die wen i have confroted my fears . i walked towards the window using my phone as the source of light opened the curtain to see who it was .

to my big surprise one of the clothes line ilikuwa imekatika and one end was been blown by the wind knocking my window. but what about the footsteps ? i didnt want to fill the gaps , i located the door and decided to run 100 miles per min and leave the fucking plotiiii. kufika kwa gate ilikuwa na kufuri but mimi nani nikapanda juu karibu na sink ya vyombo nikaruka nje and ran as fast as i could nikitoka ahela…

as the story goes i never went for my belongings , the following day i went to huduma center and applied for new Id as the old one was in the bulotiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.


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