Maji ya Dathani ni foithon

I remember when this poisonous liquid was introduced in Kenya, some people said iko na alot of chemicals but the bottlers brushed it off saying ati ni competitors wanapeddle the lies…now see!!

Meanwhile this is why i never touch this app if am not alone…:D:D:D

Yaani wenzako wanadiscuss unity talks pale karen wewe kazi ni kuwasha nduthi.


Shiet jamaa. leta wrink ya Dark tera na Insideout254

Ngai mwathani! Your porn collection is enough to start a porn website.

This guy is a real nduthist or nduthian

Watu wengine ni washenji sana

Dark Tera
Telegram: Contact @kutombana_pekee

Ni kama admin wa insideout 254 amerevoke links zote…handle yake mtext akuadd>>>