Maji mwitu

Nimenotice hii biashara ya kuuza maji imeshika sana…ma kampunee za maji zimekuwa kama agent za m-perereh, swali ni, kuna mtu anaregulate hii maneno ju naona hata maji inajiita mt.Zion iko na label ya kebs?


Not regulated. Once bought a bottle hapo Saba Saba, Mombasa. Noted the water was a little salty. 25 minutes later I was on the loo driving a Lamborghini.
Next time I passed by there, I bought another bottle, but did not drink it. On reaching the office, I gave it a critical, examination, and to my horror I found a small sealed hole on the bottom of the bottle.
On asking my colleagues if anyone has ever noticed, they all burst out laughing.
Apparently, these guys buy the bottles already sealed, make a small incision on the bottom, fill it with whatever water and seal it back.:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

I used to work in some water company when I cleared high school… It was just tap water… Then there was sealing and labeling…

unless you can get busy and have samples tested by…er…Kebs, SGS, and others on our behalf so that you call out the frauds wacha kitunguu ya watu iendelee kunukia.
meanwhile i stick with highlands, quencher and when i cannot find the two dasani. keringet, aquamist and some other brands like that i leave for people who want to look the part.

Two of us there!

Wewe tuseme tu ukweli. Una expect kuuziwa mineral water imebebwa kutoka mzima springs na bado uinunue na ile bei ya 20 bob umezoea?

na bado hamjaona vituko

What EXACTLY is wrong with tap water? Bottled water is the biggest scam in the world after the illuminati.

bottled water is convenient when heading to the nyika for fieldwork.

Tap water any time.
Tumbo ikiniuma nakunywa KC.

On the convenience part, you’re right.

Hehehe here at home we drink from the tap. Pour out a little. Kama colour haichange, tunaweka.

Lakini hatukunywi KC :slight_smile:

tumbo langu haliwesi kubali tap water . TASANI pekeee

Nairobi CBD had drinking points kidero akangoa taps !

They seal it with super glue.just like we used kuseal pombe za plastic

Tap water but from water service providers who have water treatment works

coast ndio kuna biz since tap water is a mix of shit and sea water.

Aquamist sio expensive ivo design ya keringet but mimi pia ni mtu quencher nikiwa Nairobi. But most times ukienda job kwa hutu tu small towns, utapata their local brands which siwezi guza, you end up buying dasani coz. only coca cola has distribution network mwenda. Some brands huko mashinani yaani hawajali wana package tu hata maji ya brown

Muthee kuna watu hununua maji for looks? Maybe I live in my own world basi.

kijana uza maji pole pole uache kutusumbua tuko karibu na new year…