Majamaa Hawajafurahia

Ojingamites are crying. Kina jokajok na joka owino were seen wailing loudly after reading the nyt headline

Raira Ojinga will never be president

Makamasi kuna wasee wana buy gazetti bado in this day and age…ama uko side hustle thika road kwa jam…kabla uingie 9-5

Every penny counts

When Nairobi women want sex they use that line. They start by accusing Raila of things unknown.

Yes, me being one of them. I feel uncomfortable reading the daily news through my laptop/phone since I’m not really used to that. I grew up each morning eagerly waiting for my dad to finish up reading his nation and standard news papers so that I could get to read the news. So mtu kama mimi on most occasions when I’m around utanipata comfortably holding my newspaper pale artcaffe-Westminster house while sipping my morning coffee and this gives me a lot of pleasure.