Maize milling machine

Does anyone know where i can source a maize milling machine. It is for a startup anf budget is a bit tight. Any help is highly appreciated

China is always a good source of cheap machines. And new. What’s your budget?

What is your target capacity?

Sema budget usaidiwe saa hii hii if you serious

Just go to the Eastern bypass past Total station you will get some engineering company…‘don’t remember it’s name!’

I wanted to import some items from China but transportation was driving the total cost to almost double of the locally available cost.

If you want help, state your budget.

Enda karoibangi hapo kwa roundabout, you can get a new one or the guys there will fabricate one for you based on your budget

I abandoned the mission.

Budget ni around 250k - 300k

@Mundu Mulosi tebu muok usaidie hii mujamaa

Nunua kisiagi. Mi kama 90k, Lister

enda kariobangi you will get several companies selling the machines and they will even come setup for you…

this reminds me of many years back when i was in the university and some mzee from our village called me and told me he needed to get a kisiagi from Nairobi and he doesn’t know his way around or even where to get one … hata mimi mwenyewe sikujua Kariobangi , tulifika huko na through asking taxi guys and guards tukapata a company that was assembling those machines…

i lost contacts of those guys anyway.

wewe jifikishe Kariobangi, ask your way around you will get numerous options.