Maisha ya mine mbaya

hio ni 1 way of avoiding trouble…be happy

Boss. I am also an introvert in real life na sina mabeshte close, I brush them off due to the nature of my business…highly covert. Ukiboeka enda club ukunywe mbili ukiwatch game…you will be surprised how many jokers are willing to talk about everything. Mimi hata zile job offers nimepata club na wasee kuchapa story na wao ni mob sana. For you, you can maintain contact na mabeshte mmjejuana kwa local yako unlike me juu biz inazuia. Kama huwezi unda mabeshte kwa job, kukuambia uende church, gym, shule etc is pointless. Only alcohol can help you. Self esteem hapo siwezi kusaidia…I can only remind you that girls don’t bite and they shit just as much as the next guy. Ukilengwa, move on to the next and enjoy the game…its not personal. Hakuna msee hajawahi lengwa na dame if he is an average fisi. Lazima you develop some thick skin and don’t care attitude


MCHIPY ,I don’t know how old you are but this life is not about what is around you but what is going on in your head. You need to work on your issues so that you can improve on your self esteem every person is attracted to confident people ,hata interviews confidence helps a lot. There is nothing wrong with you.start learning to love yourself. If there is stuff you have gone through that may have contributed to how you feel about yourself then you need to seek help.i wish you all the best.I have been where you are but I am in a better place now though that kafeeling sometimes creeps back.

BTW hata mimi sina mabeste ,i am a loner were it not for my kid no one would know if I was home…with good movies and a book to read I stay indoors kutoka Friday.watu huniona nikianika nguo or nikicall mtoi halafu tena Monday. I have learnt to live with myself(still working on totally loving me) without validation from other people.

ukule muturaa kwa wingi bro Utapona


nunua ps4 na vaseline

Are you hiding because somebody broke your heart?

Gerrarrahia!! Kuna mtu alizaliwa bila mikono ama miguu (or both), kwa familia maskini, wazazi wakamtupa, na bado amejikubali na anajaribu ku-hustle. Wewe uko fiti, na bado unangojea watu wakupigie simu si hata wewe upige! Ala!

Ukingojea watu waku-validate utashangaaa!!

Alafu akam umsho vyenye hio ya pili inatumika

kinda…though I have never been an outgoing person

Trust yourself n b friendly