Maisha sio rahisi / dunia ina mambo

Hii ndio problem ya watu kuwa wako job but they never love what they are doing. Even if she was banging with superintendent, hangefanya hivo. That giy is very cool, juu ningetwist hako kasichana shingo- wrestling style! Pole kwake.

Woi…someone died coz of her negligence.

huu upus wote umeandikia nani ? si uchore novel

Yes and she has to be held accountable. No free passes.


I can comment in any manner I want. If you don’t like it you can either ignore it or go kill yourself.


Maedits zimeanza ka nv wacha nitazame tu kama kawaida njugu na muhogo




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Well,the guy has pulled down the post!
TB cannot kill you in 1 Hr.The guy got his day of fame and is now headed to the corridors of justice…huko we will get to hear how he abused and threatened everyone,how he demanded for unrealistic movie-like interventions…then the judge will ask him to pay the doctor for all the damage he has caused.As you say,sadness of life.

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I wish Batman was real. Angesaidia msee kudeal na justice system. Doctors hata hawakumdiagnose cousin yake tena. Defamation inatokea aje hapa na negligence ilifanyika, na kuna witnesses? Sad.