Kuoa ni tamu aki…unapatako bibi amelala hivi unainua pole pole unaDFBLBHNKM…fuck condoms

Huyu ni kufungua leso tu na kulogin backoffice online

If so sex therapists wouldn’t be in business

Marriage is where sex goes to die.

Hehe, live and learn

ur very naive

[quote=“dingoo_wa_ingoo, post:5, topic:254846”]

Marriage is where sex goes to die.
[/QUOTE…usiseme kitu hauna experience kaka…[/QUOTE]

Kuna elder hapa alisema Wanaume wengi ktalk hawapendwi…leo nimeamini

This pic still goes around, enyewe the mneti never forgets

If you are unfaithful and don’t invest in your marriage, the sex will automatically die.

ati invest in marriage? That is like throwing currency notes in a well in the hope of growing a money tree!

Loving your wife and treating her like a queen


Bastard tell kijiji how to invest in marriages
Its like telling us to travel to moon by road