Maine shooter found dead after shooting 18 pple dead

Too much stress in US.

Jamaa amehangaisha watu hata akiwa dead…

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It’s always laughable that depending on race of the terrorist being the chosen, he was just suffering from mental illness in the last few weeks and he was struggling for mental health albeit a good guy…anyways Maine is 97% his race and they empathize with their poor good guy…he couldn’t chose any other victims if he wanted and only just needed some help.

Without DNA proof it could be the usual situation of fake news claiming any body to be the alleged perpetrator just to get the monkey of their back…can’t trust fake news media as they prove time and again they have zero credibility on truthful facts and news and just follow the propaganda of their master…tbh even DNA is suspect nowadays as it can be easily planted with this unscrupulous govt machinery agencies…until they release more forensic effidence…their word is as good as your faith in them…and some of us rightly know they have zero credibility

White man kills many it’s blamed on mental illness. Nigga akipiga mtu Kofi…

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Chimpanzee akiinua mkono tuu…