Maindi Choma guy has a message

Has a message for u to read and think about as u wait for your maize
Sadly a certain truck took him away after reading the above



When one is this straight know underneath there is a story to tell.

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Where is this?

aligongwa Na truck?

eeh… ya Tata…ilimu umiza sana



@introvert kuja ujibu mashtaka.
Is this why @pamba had confisticated the Tata?


It’s hard to have Peace Love and Unity in these streets without money.

He is dead???

@Meria Mata strikes again. After failing to kill a celeb over the weekend, someone had to go!

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@vapiano I am sad too. Saddened by the fact that the truck is also coming to take you away.What is MAINDI? Should be mahindi.
@introvert turnboy amemaliza kukagua magurudumu?

Ambia huyo mtu wa mahindi akusongee hapo ndani.



@introvert tafadhali ingia kwa truck kabla hujarushwa ndani…na umtoe @Thagichu
Dereva tutafuta kwa hizi streets…

He was a CEO, mahali, for a reason he was sacked

Tata haitambui message.

are you always this slow?


Mi naonanga makanika na chora Bedford na watu wanamwambia alete tata so which is which

Leta hekaya yote. Kwa a full ceo hakua na investments ama pension?

He he he, heshimu Elder, not very many got it by the way from the replies.