Maina Kamanda

Why do Kenyans allow this blackmail? Everyone talks of peace as a result of handshake what I ask my self is whether it’s a favour for Kenyans to enjoy peace or its by constitutional right that we should have peace In every part of the country.
BTW Imran does not need Maina Kamandas support, he himself has no support at all(kamanda). Wherever he goes its chaos, his own kitchen is hot so he comes to the neighbour to allow him cook his eggs
Political reject and fossil
He should retire and let his sons and daughters (who he has positioned strategically in government ranks) feed him

Minor Car Murder chieth

another merry go round thread

Kama Ruto anaichukua asubuhi ni nini wasi wasi kila saa?!

Why are you afraid of an old man?

Baba thinks differently. We are at post handshake times. And then things are not black and white Kenyans must now start looking at the grey area. After all Uhuru endorsement of McDonald is a plus for ODM candidate. THE GAME IS ON!

Apparently Ruto has sufficient billions to buy the seat,CHECK…

He has helicopters, CHECK…

He has his tribal blocks,CHECK…

Hata sijui anajisumbua na Kibera ya nini. :D:D

He has won this thing!! Sio @sani ?

Na kama ushindi ni ya asubuhi why is Ruto even tanga tangaing? :D:D:D

What is he scared of I wonder?

Makes sense, if Jubilee had not endorsed a candidate then Imran would have lost by saa tatu. Now all the ODM supporter will come out to vote for that incompetent idiot.

umesema kiko karibu kuharibika?

That is one way of looking at it.

A Ruto supporter could also look at Uhuru’s support of Mariga and say, “Aaaah kumbe Uhuru is still with us? He is just playing baba!”

:smiley: Kenyan politics is full of :meffi::meffi:.

Things can only get better. We must start using our own brains, not the borrowed ones!

Politics is politics how you play it makes the difference. Let Kenyans engage and start broadening our minds. Moving forward it should be WIIFM - “What’s in it for me?” Not just following or unfollowing for the sake of it

Talking about negative investment…

:eek::eek:I thought only tanga tangas were going against heil presidente.

This thread wont get us out of the rut,

Of course it wont, just like many other threads it may inform, educate or entertain. STAY WOKE

We will cross the bridge when we reach there.

I wish baba could come out guns blazing in support of Mariga. He has nothing to loose and can gain alot of political milage if he pulled the Joker and used it wisely.

omg! You actually come to ktalk for some deep intellectual stimulation?:eek:

Mariga will loose Brilliantly naona aki take home valuable lessons that will propel him to be Top candidate to succeed Sakaja


Two communities came together to form jubilee and also bring…er…peace

Those who were displaced by clashes actually never went back despite the handshake at uhuru pack between uhuru and Ruto…walinunuliwa mashamba

U didn’t see it as a favour then when everyone in that arrangement saw it a solution to war in rift valley

So u have to elect Ruto to ensure sustainable peace between kiuks and kales

By the way,Ruto has positioned his daughter and son in strategic positions in government

Should Ruto also quit and his kids feed him?