Main bitch VS side chick..

People treat others differently… In terms of affection, passion you know etc…

So, I would like to know and see the different opinions on how MWK are treated VS their mains…
Two scenarios that I have witnessed…

  1. Guy has a MWK tests her like a queen… Buys her all the things she wants and makes sure she lacks nothing… He treats his wife well, she doesn’t complain. He bought them cars and there’s a difference… The wide gets a vitz green in color… The MWK gets Lexus…
    So, somehow fates makes the MWK and the wife meet through an accident… The MWK hits the wife’s car, and the wife calls the husband… He tells her to sort the issue, that’s he’s in a meeting…
    The MWK also calls the man and the man says he’s on his way… Well, y’all can guess how all that went…

  2. My cousin gets pregnant for a married guy who is Russian… He buys all the stuff, takes care of the bills and even visits her daily… Now, the main chick had been trying to get rid of her and almost ran her over with her car… She says that my cousin is a threat…
    Now, the guy loves my cousin and he does he’s best to protect and care for her…

Well, am kinda confused… Why would these men treat their MWK’s like Queens and not their wives?? Ama they are so tired of their wives, or their wives don’t appreciate what they do for them???
Who said women are complicated, men are!!

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I thought you had experience! Well, little head matters aren’t that definite. Example =uwes and his rhinohunts:D:D:D


First scenario: acknowledge the source
Second scenario: it’s you not your cousin
Ukiona cha mwenzio chanyolewa chako tia maji.
Ruri itara ruthekaga ruri riko.


Hi @Phylgee . Number one we saw the comedy video…


Why dont you acknowledge the source of your first scenario?


Not my cousin?? Then who?? Know it all…


When you treat someone nicely the appreciate it at first but later start acting as if they are entitled to it. So unaboeka unaenda kwa mwenye anaonyesha a more sense of gratitued


Can’t relate na mipango things,never borrowed outside marriage.


Either way I witnessed it… .:rolleyes::rolleyes: Doesn’t matter you got the question right??

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Do you look like your avatar by any chance? If so I will find you, marry you and put another little you inside you.


Someone is trying to rationalize being a nigga’s second choice. Sijataja mtu :D:D

@Phylgee , hiyo na masweeps kali dea.


What experience?? :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
As for…[SIZE=1]. the avatar I guess you’ll have to find out:)[/SIZE]

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The Russian guy is under a covert.
Just wait, your cousin will know it in a couple of years from now.

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There is this time you talked about having been with a married guy.
Ama ilikua hekaya to arouse my jealousy?

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straight from a Youtube video! Acknowledge the source!

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Reason 1. a man established i.e financially and has a family, tends to treat the wife in a ‘normal’ manner. She cooks and serves him in a normal, ordinary way. So he reciprocates in the same normal, ordinary way be it sexually, financially, physically e.t.c. this is especially if they have come a somewhat long way together.

Reason 2. A broke man is of no new character when rich. Since when i was broke i could not afford a high maintenance chic, when i get money, the man has not changed, the price is the same, the currency is no new but since i can now afford why not buy?

Reason 3. My money is where my heart is. Only in this case, my heart is where my body is. A side bitch will ‘treat’ me ‘better’ than my main chic. Those ‘special’ sessions of massage… blah blah blah blah… things wife wont do. So i will spend and financially enablise as much as i can to keep the ‘relationship’ running.

All in all the man wouldn’t want out of the relationship because he gets what he considers fair from the girl therefore giving his all and the lady also wouldn’t want out of the relationship for the freedom and finance .

However, what we fail to ask ourselves is, why do the wise men not leave their wives for the slideshows?


Kuja nikuoe uwe bibi yangu sweetie

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Since you care so much you can do it on my behalf…

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That’s a trick question for the men… I think most of them are afraid to leave their homes (children)… Anyways you summed up everything perfectly…

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