Mai mahiu

See who’s speaking? Ooo?


I hope they just deflated and not slashed. Juu kununua tire juu ya mafala ni another thing

:D:D:D:Dall wheels hiyo sasa ni upuss wanafanya

This is upussy. They would have gone to Thika-garissa road and deflate vehicles there.

Do you see why Trumpistanis cling to their right to bear firearms?

Upusu, but sending a very strong message

Whats new there…nataka nipite nikielekea nakuru

At least hawaja choma, but this is a major inconvenience of you are caught out

Let them deflate those tyres along superhighway tomorrow we’ll take them serious,foolish act and the last time i checked most businessmen come predominantly from one tribe,kila mtu achome makaa kwao.

ebu sema nigga tujue umetoka wapi

Where hunters and gatherers come from and are very neglected.

hamna county gov?

Tembea Kenya my fren, some of us depend on hand to mouth for survival.

A lorry was torched already having committed an offence. Then the owner of the Lorry goes out in the open to demand that it must be paid.
With all this overwhelming evidence none one has been arrested and persecuted.

wewe @Radical Kisii multihandler…season ya mandizi haijaisha.

Wonders will never end, una toa pumsi na hata pengine hauna gari, hivio ndio utatembea hadi mwisho wa dunia. Heri wangeweka mawe wablock the road watu watumie other means.

i always say when shit hits the fan, all peasants will suffer.

hao mungich waache upuss,wanaharibia wakenya masaa who don’t give a damn about the torched lorry and those who torched it,ubwa sana hao majamaa

When this country you think is a shithole burns you won’t hide behind your keyboard.
I believe the lorry owner bought the charcoal which was not burnt by Kikuyu’s but residents, no amount of hatred/envy will stop her from buying another lorry(ies).
Today or tomorrow you may be bitten by the enterprenuerial bug and such a tragedy will befall you.

You must be living in an alternate universe. People were arrested and charged, a governor took an anticipatory bail over the same.