Mai Mahiu-Suswa Rd...

…The section that had failed last week has failed again so avoid that road - as per Citizen TV…

Said it was a bandaid reaction but people were to busy praising effectiveness of the government and forgetting on the efficiency.

ati atia, wapi mbisha

you can’t fix a fault in the bowels of the earth

engineering geniuses forgetting to appreciate geologists in such works…:confused:


According to @Nattydread is not a fault line. It’s loose earth.

I am awed by the geological happenings at the rift valley. Hapa huwezi kuona wale makujua wa media wakileta kujua kwao, ilhali it’s such a serious phenomenon that is unfolding. Yaani, the the rift valley is sinking, and a brand new continent is forming live live right as we watch! Na si hekaya ama historia!

Serikali nayo iko kimya. Hawataki watu wapanic. Because there are obvious implications. For instance, what are they saying about the effects of the rift on the sgr and the massive bridges involved?

apan tambua watu wa GHC

not with anything Sir. we have to accept the earth we live on is alive and forever moving. it is us to adapt.

GHC ndio mambo yote… mau mau, Sir leakey and Jesus on one paper… Hii mashetani ya mai mahiu haingekaribia


exactly my sentiments

it was bound to happen, you cant just fill up to top section of a fault line with some rocks and assume that the other part of the fault which could probably be several KMS deep will miraculously heal itself or just vanish

Tutachoma na oxyaceterayne gas (shit hole engineers who are rushing there now)

interesting times ahead, i also found out that there has been a lot of tremors being reported along the rift valley and especially baringo areas with increasing intensity of the last couple of weeks, strangely none of this information is getting to mainstream media… wonder whether its intentional or just githeri media glossing over these happening because it doesn’t sell papers

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