Mai Mahiu road

After receiving much praise from the people for repairing the road; it comes to a notice that shoddy work was done on that road. TANO BILA LUBE!!


The work was overseen by officials from KENHA,KRB and Chinese from SGR team.We won’t even ask them to resign

Accountability is a foreign term in the Kenyan public sector… hii utaskia some genius akipeana some silly explanation and that is it:rolleyes:

I notice that your osungu is shoddy.

Ona hawa [ATTACH=full]163058[/ATTACH]kwenye wamesimama

this is a volcanic fault line,the tectonic plate are shifting mazde.ata nashindwa SGR ya Naivasha itakua aje

the state of affairs.if a neighbouring country decides to invade us,do we really stand a chance ? consider the fact that it 's been raining for bazillion of years and the pattern is known,give or take a few weeks or months,it’s onset can be prepared for,war on the other hand cannot.Mvua ndio inatumaliza hivi jamaneni?

but they tried and we thrushed them.Case in point is the somali Shifta during Jomo time,and Idi Amin claiming Ugnanda imefika Naivasha.

I hadn’t thought about Sgr

With Uhuru don’t expect the same.He would forsee business that would later come after the war

Si ungekuwa mwalimu wa high school…

:D:D:D hapo nayo zii…ume muonie sana huyo kiongozi

nchi ikipasuka kidogo sio shida kubwa. sio mwisho wa dunia. na japanese watasema nini na maji huwa inakuja inawafagia wote? U.S. watasema nini pale tornado alley? tornado zinakubeba wewe na ngombe zako zinawahamisha across state lines.

Huyu jamaa is unpredictable

what would Japanese

spare your thoughts for Japanese kids who have to wear helmets daily to school, due to volcanic eruptions in the area.


You’re sure that isn’t Vietnam, the writings surely aren’t Japanese

petty, that’s a language class. my fren.

The faults happened in 2012 as well in the area

But Adede in the interview said the volcanic activities around the Mt Longonot, Suswa and Mahi Mahiu all the way to Naivasha had resulted in the crack. He said after the road cracked, a big hole opened and swallowed all the water which resulted in more cracks in the ground.
“The Great Rift splits Africa into two plates. With what is happening we have established one plate which is the Somali plate is moving away from the other plate at a rate of 2.5cm. In the near future if this happens we shall have Somali plate separating from the other Nubian plate,” Adede said.
Adede said these splits are slowly happening underground and if mitigation measures are not put in place its impact can be dire.
“There is a great need for researchers to conduct a comprehensive study on the terrain of this region so that they can advise on where roads and residential buildings can be established. This can play a key role in dealing with such natural disasters should they happen,” he said
Volcanic activities may split Rift Valley into two - expert

AIP Foundation donates helmets for Vietnamese children