Mahindi Uganda : Msiseme sikuwaambia


Which tribe are you?

Just know he is not a mcooshite.

Thanks bt hiyo tunajua, no wonder the Government saw no need to subsidise unga ya ksh90. Let East. African market forces dictate the price of flour.

There is also a good harvest in North Rift as well. 1.5 million bags has already been bought by NCPB as a cost of 3000 a bag for a grand total of 4.5 billion. The price has been increased to 3200 a bag and there are still lorries parked at the silos stretching for kilometers.

thanks. nice

Unga sasa inafaa kuwa 30 bob a kg

Mimi nilinunua two 90kg bags of Maize at 2200 each, that’s 45 bob for 2kg. That will comfortably last me for the year. I bought a third but left it with my parents stock just in case I finish the two bags.

Uhunye akupatie Planning CS to represent Ktalk bana

Boss, kwani hao prototypes wanakula sembe kiasi gani per month? 180kgs ni mob sana

Ndio watu wanajua saa hii…

Wife is generous. When she does visiting relatives on weekends unga ya mahindi ama ngano lazime ifikishwe amongst other things.

ara kumbe maribe is generous

Chunga. Iko jeshi kali sana inaweza kuharibia. Weevils

Either we ni mod unacompare IP addresses, ama unacompare diction ya handles, ama uko na macheso mingi sana.

The store has a tin container that’s disinfected and clean for maize flour storage.


Unga ikikaa sana si inakuanga kali? Ama unaistore aje?

Make sure its completely dried in the sun for a week then mill it. Make sure the store is well lit and dry as well. Store in a tin or plastic container. Most people are in a hurry and they mill it before it dries and therefore it either spoils in a few months or attracts weevils. Make sure the store is clean, airy, dry and well lit.

Kwani unasaga mahindi yooote at once?