Magufuli to rule indefinitely as Term Limits Scrapped



[COLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)][SIZE=7]Drumpft anajaribu huku pia…[/SIZE]


Magufuli achape kazi. If leader shows the will to work for greater benefits of nation, then why not give chance.

To me, it looks like grassroots pressure from grassroots to have magufuli continue good work. People love to get tap water, cheap electricity, hospitals, get some mining proceed etc…

Tundu lissu should vie for village elder in one of hoods of Antwerp

Wazito putin, xi pink need to endorse asap!

Hiyo kizungu si yake si juzi tuu alishindwa kusoma the word beginning.

If the Tanzanians want to make this baffoon their president for life wachaneni nao. More comedy to us:D:D

TZ is taking a wrong road…

I only wish if it were possible, for you to get a taste of what you so fervently wish for others…

These guys are inviting disaster; God forbid but these guys are headed towards civil strife; Zanzibar will eventually break off from the Union most likely in 5 years and the rest of Tanzania will end up a tribal from lessons learnt from Kenya.

People in the grassroots here also wanted Uhuru to become president

Same thing happening to rwanda. At least their leaders got their interests at hand. Kenya tunachezwa na bbi while still maintaining the capital owners. Its badd uku kushinda uko

How does uhuru get into this thread?

under dictator moi did all that happen in vumbistan…

hapo sawa a leader with the countries development at heart , let the people sacrifice democracy for the country to become a developed nation.

magufuli sasa aweke 20 year development plan kama Mao dze dong

stop talking nonsense… Tribalism is non existent in Tanzania unlike Kenya and other countries… No one cares about which tribe Magufuli is from and no one has given indication of tribalism… And remember that majority of people in Zanzibar vote CCM and want to remain in the Union.

Magufuli would become a benevelent dictator and that is what we need in Africa… He will transform Tanzania just like Chinese benevelent dictatorship transformed China, the same in Singapore and in the Arab world where they have oil. Long Live Benevelent dictatorship.

Lol…what a nice leader who gets elected by 84% of the population…why the army in Zanzibar during elections? Did Tundu shoot himself? Stop being a blind/senile Africanist

Peko pierii

What about your country DR Congo?
Be thankful we gave your refugee butt a chance to have a better life. If it were not for us,you could now be a rusty Lumbumbashi militant!

He also managed to convince people that he is the best and they should give him another term