Magufuli rejects 10 billion dollars of Chinese Slavery

Viva President Magufuli for rejecting the atrocious loan conditions China wanted to impose on Tanzania. Ati they loan Tz 10 billion dollars to establish a modern Port in Bagamoyo. Conditions on completion:

-Tanzania to not develop any other port along its coastline
-The Chinese acquire exclusive control of the port and all its revenue for 99 years
-Tanzania Revenue cannot collect from the port
-Tanzania must repay the loan. Essentially repay 10 billion dollars plus interest for a port Tanzania cannot use

Daaaammmmn!! Very smart and patriotic.

He did good. 99 years is long enough for the port to repay its costs even 3 times. Magufuli did nice

Tz in those 99 years would never build a modern port. Instead of chasing the Chinese away, Magafuli should come up with a 50/50 split of revenues even if it’s for 200 years payment period

We were promised that uhuru will release the contract with chinese SGR but alikataa

hapa uhuru angeluka ndani kichwa mbele. lakini that’s some BS in there, Chinese to have full control of the port, and they still demand to be paid ?

Anything in Kenya is a ponzi scheme, if released Kenyans can be so angry they’ll pour all the anger on the streets

F*** Beijing. Hawa wasee sijui mbona hupenda kubeba wasee ujinga hivyo, wanaona we’re monkey children au. Scuttle their silk roads and belt roads nonsense all the way, iishie border yao na Tibet

Mzungu anakariria hiyo speech hafai . Kettle calling pot black

The Chinese refused any other offer. So stop giving offers. It is a lie that TZ cannot develop any modern port because they are actually modernising and expanding their Dar port. My friend, speak with facts only don’t guess your own things. Tanzania has 3 operating ports, Kenya has only one.

If you have one 1000acre farm, and your neighbor has ten 2acre farms, should you feel insufficient?

wah, these conditions are preditory to say the least…
but i shake with fear when i remember Uhuru and Ruto would quickly sign such a deal if shown some bribes …
SGR contract hadi sasa hatujawahi kuona… hatujui makubaliano ni yepi … and am sure its not anything we want to see … it will be anger and disgust how we were sold for a piece of morsel


Am doubting those terms. I mean I know Chinese are leeching vermins but those terms are atrocious even for them

Mimi mambo ikiharibika huku naenda kuishi TZ, konyagi 1 alituuza kitambo sana sasa sing anataka kuchukua kiti ndio atumalize, he wants to match the konyagis family wealth in record time

Kunaeza kuwa na revolution

In Africa the Chinese know that once you give a bribe our politician will sign any piece of paper. It’s not only Sonko who does not official documents

Is it possible to go to court and demand the .ke SRG agreement with china be made public ?

Over 30 million Chinese live in poverty. They will demand and demand

People are dumb enough to believe every propaganda piece that comes out of tanzania, a country that arrests journalists, bans media houses, silences critics and stifles opposition

A country that is now hiding its coronavirus cases and has declared victory over the decease