Magufuli Poisoned by High Ranking Government Officials

Magufuli poisoned himself with his regressive and naive policies on COVID, plus he had underlying conditions. Hio serikali yake si ilijaa Sukuma in every top-tier agency/department, doubt anyone could end him that easily.

You are ignorant.

Perhaps yes, which would make you the ‘woke’ one, yes? Just remember that anyone with as much insight as you claim won’t go posting it on some iffy site called KenyaTalk, so you must be more deluded than I think or just fishing…

rest in hell magufuli

The great Magufuli was blocking the billions of dollars the wazungu companies stand to make selling poisonous vaccines to Africa. Their biggest fear is that other African nations would copycat Tanzania in rejecting the poisonous vaccines.
I suspect they hacked his pacemaker to make it malfunction.
I will not be shocked if Tanzania now accepts everything about Covid-19

Mnaoverrate mwenda zake sana

What makes you the authority to believe your info when you are always wrong on so many issues here