Magufuli Draws A Line On The Sand Regarding Chinese Domination


Tanzania President Magufuli says China is an unwelcome guest in Tanzania. Urges his African colleagues to stop auctioning their countries to China

If what the DN reported the other day about the SGR agreement is true then Uhuru has signed some very lop-sided agreements.

No wonder he can’t make the SGR agreement public…

It is refreshing to hear a leader in these noisy times talk to his citizens about real issues that touch on their lives. No insults, no shouting and no pointless hip gyrations on stage. Just plain simple development issues.

On this one, I salute Magufuli

So sad about the secret company. But can such shafting on Kenyans happen without his knowledge and without him getting a piece of the pie?
Calls to mind the “Mobitelia” shafting Kenyans got under Mo1

He is part of the problem .

The more I read about this SGR expose (starting with the first expose in a sunday paper a couple of months back), the more i get infuriated. Kukula pesa is one thing. But to auction away your country is another.

A very poor spin from you displaying lack of skills. He just disagreed with the terms of the bagamoyo port by one Company. I did not hear him mention China anywhere and neither does he mention African countries.

You can say this 200 Billion Times (If you know what I mean)!

A fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree . This article pale DN might have some truth.

The overall estimated capacity of the project is 981 megawatts, for which the taxpayers are expected to pay Sh900 billion for 25 years, with a clause providing that the government has to pay whether or not the plant is operational and supplying power.


Mtoto wa nyoka ni nyoka tu. Mtoto wa homeguard ni homeguard tu. Hujui Kenya iliuzwa kitambo na wakubwa wakakula pesa? What did you understand by “Tunakula nyama mkimeza mate”?? That agreement is secret because if its contents were spilled there would be massive public outcry juu watu hawajui Uhuru ameshauza nchi.

Magufuli should be President of East Africa

200B KES over and above and above and above!! I cannot say much as this is a National Security issue and some of these guys and chicks here work for NIS and are following keenly on this matter!

Konyagi is in business for himself.
This is the African we need; one who can see exploitation and nip it in the bud.
Then and only then can we begin to claim our space in the scheme of things.

Bora brookside na CBA inafaidika, Shauri yenu

Before shafting us he normally say…kwani watadoo???

You right my fren

I was actually talking about the secret SGR company that will shaft Kenyans for billions… This one of yours is now Mobitelea III.
Just imagine the shafting our sorry a#$es will get!

tazanians are good at excuses, in short he is saying he has failed to deliver his promises

manze what kind of reasoning is this really???