Magufuli condemns birth control, says its for lazy people

Tanzania’s President John Magufuli has urged couples to keep reproducing, saying only “lazy people” opted for birth control, the local Citizen news site has reported.

Speaking in the mainly rural Mearu district in eastern Tanzania, Magufuli said family planning had led to a declining population in Europe, and a workforce crisis.
“Those going for family planning are lazy. They are afraid they will not be able to feed their children,” he said.
“They do not want to work hard to feed a large family. And that is why they opt for birth control and end up with one or two children.”

The Citizen quoted him as making the comments in the presence of the UN Population Fund representative in Tanzania, Jacqueline Mahon, and Health Minister Ummy Mwalimu.

Addressing a rally in an area where there are many farmers Magufuli added:

"I have travelled to Europe and elsewhere and I have seen the side-effects of birth control.

In some countries, they are now struggling with declining population growth.

“They have no labour force.”

Magufuli’s comments were condemned by MP Cecil Mewambe.

“Our health insurance schemes can only accommodate a maximum of four children from one family,” she said in Parliament.

Yes, it is for people who are too lazy to withdraw

@T255 kuja ukaone jinsi nyinyi ni wapumbavu kuanzia kwa rais wenu mvinyo vifuli

Yeye ako na wangapi?

Our own @FieldMarshal CouchP needs to have a serious sit down with him and lecture him about the correlation between many children and poverty.

Am with him on this one.

10 years to come tanzania will be a more shit hole country full of stupid emaciated skinny bonny people

Hapo namuunga mkono makufuli


Another stupid mathafaka type of an African leader. The continent is riddled with unemployment, poverty and high mortality yet the cunt wants people to reproduce. Industries are automating everything. Machines are taking over production. If possible the maximum number of children should be two per family. If these are the kinda leaders the continent has we are so f*ucked

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Nangoja Guka afike. :smiley:

Esp when one’s pull out game is weak

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Uncle magufuli ako sawa watu wazae , mimi target ni 30 niko 8 saa hizi , mbaya mbayaaaa . hatutaki kuwa kama Japan 80% ni wazee na bado hawataki kupea wakenya citizenship

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ile jamaa ya supadip ako wapi atuambie ka ye ni mvivu ama aje

When he says “Lazy People” isn’t that code for “All Tanzanians”?

Some northern Tanzanians I’ve met especially Chaggas ni hustlers sana. Some of them even hawk in Nairobi CBD and Gikosh.

Ah Africans…they deserve what they get