magufool can see beyond despots

there is something fishy about covid,what if blacks in africa are developing immunity like common cough and the governments want to obey their white lords?

depot ya mahindi ama

Magufuli has got some points there,We all know these whites hate us and it has been so for centuries now.


@captain obvious kam kiasi

:pKinjeketile magufool defense force

Yea and also refuse to be brainwashed by enslaved lot

Niggars here be calling him a fool while their president is …

Endeni awape KAZI basi meffi

Bichwa lako huwa lina funza.Nyamaza hujui kitu wewe.



As usual u cant argue with me,u and @captain obvious are afraid of me.
Wekeni arguments sio matusi au kuua topic.

Prepare yourself,Im here to stay motherfuckers.


Of course Magufuli can see through a despot.

He’s trying to become one himself.