CS Magoha:

If private schools collapse all those children will come to public schools, therefore parents talk to the schools and work around how you will keep the schools open and supporting the economy.

Huwa siheshimu Magoha, na statements zake zote ni batili

The parents are supposed to pluck money from the magic trees in their backyards to pay fees in these private schools? Hii serikali huwa na watu wamejaza meffi kwa vichwa.

from minute 4.55

nobody told them to take their child there.

Parents are not going to take their precious kids to school until they are confident about social distancing measures and PPE. Also remember we have elderly, sick teachers who will need to be provided with medical grade masks (N95’s).

I support Magoha. People who are pushing for opening schools ni hao ma director cartels. No sane parent wants those schools opened now. Safety ya mtoto na pia watu hawana pesa ya fees. Wafungue hata next year wakitaka. Selfish cartels do not want to consider how the disease will be spread in school enviroments

But at the end of the day, when the private schools collapse, won’t the burden still fall on the government to provide those kids with education? Not that they really care, but the whole system will come under pressure. So telling them to talk to these directors, without the government stepping in as an arbiter, is quite stupid. Heneway, this guy huwa rude sana. Acha tu tuseme that’s his nature, and sometimes it’s better to be given the plain truth without sugarcoating, lakini hii ghaseer huwa na choo kwa mdomo.

am actually shocked at how he has changed his stand, recently he was adamant the examinations will continue as scheduled.
you should see the video, hows he’s questioning a journalist and invoking his age to demand respect.

Oh dear. The average teacher struggles to project their voice adequately in a normal Kenyan classroom. N95s would decrease that audibility by more than half. Not to mention it’s uncomfortable to wear an N95 for an extended duration of time. Even if we could afford N95s for all teachers in the country, it wouldn’t work. Not even by the longest stretch of imagination.

N95 are designed for one specific work environment. They are not magic bullets for everyone and every situation. No one wants to listen to a teacher with a muffled voice.

walimu waanze kusaka hustle zingine in the mean time coz ni kugumu sana

Changing his stand shows that he’s actually consulting and willing to make compromises as we fight the pandemic

About the age issue…Magoha had requested the journalist to raise his voice but the journalist responded by asking whether he should remove his mask to be more audible. The CS just couldn’t believe that the journalist would risk infecting others by speaking without a mask. Yet he is much older but can still manage to speak through the mask and remain audible.
A befitting response and very reasonable imho.

Kuna face book group inaitwa Teachers News Desk. Ile vita na matusi iko huko wacha tu. private school teachers wamejam. They had believed from the start of this week that next week wako shule na kamshahara kako njiani

I wear an N95 mask daily, for hours and hours yet I can speak clearly and audibly. It’s something you get used to…

Moreover when schools re-open the classrooms will look very different. Gone are the days of stuffing 100 pupils in one room. With social distancing measures in place, teachers will be able to walk around freely within the class.
We cannot sacrifice our teacher’s lives. Many of them have diabetes and other chronic illnesses.

are you talking of Kenyan classrooms and moreso Public classrooms?
you must be dreaming.

Yes. They may have to rotate students which is cheaper than building new classrooms. For instance they could have Group A kids attending school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays while Group B attends school on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

wale mnakulia ,ashule zikiwa open poleni


Oh dear.

I also wear N95s regularly and do not find it difficult to hold conversations with colleagues. But when talking to a group of 30 students (with good social distance) for even 30 minutes is challenging. Just last nights we received 150 travellers from Somali and speaking to them loudly and clearly while wearing an N95 for even ten minutes leaves you exhausted. In fact, we take turns addressing them.

Now Purple do the math/ reason with me.

  1. if you are not stuffing 100 pupils in one room it means you need more rooms (read physical resource)
  2. If you are spreading a group of 100 pupils in 3 classrooms or 2 you need more teachers (read human resource)
  3. if you hire more teachers to teach the same group of pupils then you need more money(read financial resource)

And here we are talking of parents who want to be relieved from paying school fees.

never thought of it that way. please tell me more.
also for boarding or day schools only, or we should have kids attending the nearest school and no separate for boys and girls.?

If voice projection is that big of an issue, a wireless voice projector costs only 2k.
Same teacher, same classroom. Only difference is that students will be divided into 2 groups. The teacher will repeat Monday’s lesson on Tuesday. Obviously the learning hours per day will be increased to compensate for the alternate scheduling.