Magisk 21 hide Root

As anyone been able to run the new mysafaricom app alongside the new magisk 21 Andrpid Q. Just upgraded to the latest version of the magisk and suddenly mysaf app keeps detecting root no matter what trick i apply it just cant stay hidden, other finance and banking apps just work fine… as anyone experienced this ama watu waliacha kua admins wa simu zao…

Why you rooting in the first place? I rooted back when andoid was lollipop, didn’t see the benefits

I have apps that i must run with elevated privilege so I got to root always

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]UPDATE
[COLOR=rgb(204, 204, 204)]Flashed magisk canary and everything seems to be working fine again

Mimi after update ina fail safetynet checks

sawasawa deorro

Give me an example…[SIZE=2]unless ni nefarious purposes [/SIZE]

Lucky patcher
Titanium backup
You tube vanced

Hata Airtel app nilijaribu nikajaribu bado ilikua inadetect root.

I use vanced non root though, lucky patcher sijui kama bado inawork as of android 10. That was the best app though siku izi nilieka netguard and blocking apps from using net, so no ads

2. YouTube Vanced
3. Adaway
4. Tasker

wasito… na ile safaricom mledger app… nitapata wapi… safcom pulled it from the google play store…

Iko but it doesn’t work on pie anymore… Ukiregister you dont get the OTP hence useless

Ongeza sudohide unless you comfy with play store update reminders for vanced.

I root to remove bloatware esp gapps am antigoogle although I knw I cant evade it at times.

Can you kindly give steps on this, I was trying to update via update channel , got weird errors.

I restored stock boot grabbed a canary apk from here (GitHub) everything else was straight forward after installing it

Ok thanks :slight_smile: