Maggie (continuation)

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So Shantel told me that apparently Maggie was in a relationship with some jakababa guy (jakababa to mean luo in this context, the way in Kamba someone will call you Kasee, in Kisii someone will call you Mogaka, in Meru someone will either call you Vaite or Murume, in Luhya someone will call you omwami y’all get my point). So Maggie broke up with the guy but she did it in a rather crude way, she didn’t say anything to him rather she woke up one day and blocked him in all communication avenues. She blocked him on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and went ahead to blacklist such that he couldn’t find a way to communicate to her. He used another number to get to her to say what went wrong with the relationship but she was unwilling to talk so jakababa guy stopped the chase and let go of her. I mean if someone doesn’t want anything to do with you then don’t force her let her be. Currently she was in a relationship with some brownskin guy (didnt give a fuck about his name) the @Quanstrom type. The brownskin guy was the cause she broke up with the jakababa guy.

So while going on a social function, Maggie bumped into the brownsking guy. They talked for some time and they exchanged numbers. From Shantel’s explanation Maggie was suffering from the love at first effect since she fell for him the first day. From the onset that’s how they went ahead and began a relationship with the jakababa guy being dumped like shit in the toilet. She was heads over heels for him. She didn’t do any checks to ascertain whether he was in another relationship or not she just proposed a relationship. She was going real fast and they brownskin guy once told her to take things a little slower. They even one day wrote down their wishes in pieces of paper for the wish to be true. Maggie had wished to be with the brownskin guy for ever till eternity and they blew the pieces of paper into the air.

Unbeknown to Maggie, his brownskin boyfriend was a serial cheat. Cheating was written all over his DNA. I mean a guy with that complexion attracts all kinds of women. He doesn’t chase after them, the women chase after him. Since we were in school Maggie’s would notify her how he was going around with all types of women in the hood. He would defend himself saying its just a lie those are just workmates and neighbours. Maggie chose to belief him over her friends. Since she believed him they gave up and left her to deal with her shit alone. During the long holidays we all went home. After returning from the long holiday and studies beginning some weeks later, Maggie was nowhere to be seen. I would call her but she didn’t take my call. On WhatsApp what I got were just blue ticks. When I went to ask Shantel she told me Maggie had been paged TF!! Yaani all that time and the effort I had put in I didn’t receive even a hug yet there was a nigga somewhere who had smashed it raw. Yes raw without a condom. Anyway I said its okay of importance is life. So I didn’t follow up on it let it go.

So some months later after the baby was born Maggie told him to man up and get them a house since she wasn’t comfortable staying in his mother’s house. Nigga paged her but was still staying in his mother’s house. She had brought Maggie in to be with him but she demanded him to get a place of their own since she wasn’t comfortable in his mother’s house especially at night when they were doing ‘jigi jigi’. Nigga was still smashing that bitch. Fuck that nigga!! So he got them a house. So this is where the real cracks began emerging. Nigga wasn’t prepared for that life she too hadn’t prepared. Bills were too much for him (food, transport, rent, electricity bill, water bill, shopping) yet he was working in a bank earning some shitty salary. For her she took the role of a wife. Wake up in the morning prepare him for work, cook, do laundry she was literally doing what wife does. Demands became high till the nigga couldn’t handle any more and cracks in the relationship began emerging. He could go out in the middle of the week then come back at 3 in the morning very drunk and start behaving rowdy. He would go to his side chics fuck them then return home only to lie he was working late. They were quarelling every day day in day out yet there is a kid they were taking care. She then moved out and went back to her parent’s house.

Her parents received her and told her all will be well. You parents will never forsake you. Her mum offered to take care of the kid and she would have to go back to school so as not to be left behind. Maggie had been out for a year which translated to her being one year behind us. While we were in 4th year she was in 3rd year. I would just say hi to her and talk a little bit but keep her baby stuff out. She looked in great shape having given birth. I mean she came back even sexier than before. I guess the stress of her cheating boyfriend ensured she maintained her body shape. During the second semester of 4th year we were booked in for a field trip at Mombasa. 3rd year’s too would join us since there was no assurance they would go for a field trip when they are in 4th year. Maggie would join us but Shantel dropped out of the trip. She wasn’t feeling really well and she had to stay at home. It was sad but then it was okay. I remember I bought a 750ml McDowell’s Whiskey which I took and slept only to be woken by our lecturer to be given 3,000/- as our pocket money while in Mombasa.

Once in coast we would go partying but Maggie would accompany her classmates since they related better than us her former classmates. We had been booked into a hotel where we men slept on the rooms in the 3rd floor while the ladies slept in the 4th floor. We were in Coast for a week so the last day we were in Coast I bumped into Maggie when she was going up the stairs she said hi and i replied back. I then requested if I could talk to her and she said its fine. We went to my room talked a little bit and the convo changed to being about her. The mood in the room changed real quick from jovial to sad. She broke down and started crying of how men sometimes can be ‘insensitive beasts’ I comforted her telling her all is not lost. Midway I don’t what happened coz we found ourselves kissing passionately. I kissed her and she returned the kiss back but hers was the deep passionate kiss. We kissed for a minute or two and I could hear the little man down there beg for his right. Before I could contemplate what to do next she pulled back from me saying ‘its not okay’. I apologized for it but deep down I was feeling real good damn she was a really good kisser. I can imagine how sweet her pussy was. Some niggas out here be eating some nice stuff but then they take them for granted.

Hours later we were in the club dancing and she was in a mini dress that showed her thighs really well. She looked really hot I tell you. I had the chance to dance with her. Not only was she a good kisser she wasn’t a great dancer too. She had some nice ass gyrating skills. I would dance behind her and she would gyrate her ass really well. I even had the courage to tap that ass damn it was soft. She was totally okay with it. No one would even know she was someone’s mum. It was just unfortunate that after the trip we had a week only to the last exam in our campus life. For me it was the last exam, for Maggie it was the 3rd last exam she had 2 more remaining in 4th year. I didn’t get to make her my girl nor did I smash her but it was all worth it.!!!


Funda ghasai macodofia thegere ino …talk of wasted min

I aint got no time…

How do you bring a kunguru into the nest and fail kutembeza mucakwe. I don gerrit … some people wanafaa viboko seriously.

ION mujamaa kuongeza munyu kws hekaya ni muhimu

Haiya hivyo ndio alifanya? Huyu achapwe kofi

So Shantel told me that apparently Maggie was in a relationship with…
Niliachia hapo!

Jamaa haukukamua ata in real life,hii hapa naona ulikua dream land

ii story niliisoma last year, sensi!

just a beta male ndio maana alikukataa mapema
hata shoti moja ya machozi after kukimbiza izo miaka zote

after being paged by another random dude bado ukakwamilia hapo shenzi kwani hiyo campo haikua na mademu

CCS 001 nikama haukufanya campus, hekaya muzuri.

Acknowledge the source

Ulisoma wapi ghasia hii. Leta source nikuprove wrong!!

hapa sijaelewa kabisa

You my nigger is a beta male. The system ensures that you have chiqs churned out every three months and all that you see is used goods. First year and second year I used to chase my classmates and was severally turned down which led me to re-strategizing. Nka anza kukatiana in those colleges in town, never got disappointed.
Come third year nka anzana na freshers. At that point zile ninja zilikuwa zinawapea attention zisha maliza shule. “Talk of the hunter being hunted” lakini mimi nani? I never gave a hoot about them.

sensi! iko uko telegram channel ya confessions,

ni kama najua maggie,if you were given 3k in mombasa maybe i also know

In Ktalk someone will call you ↓ ↓ ↓

Ke thaara.