Magfool Now Embarrassed Live On TV...

A distressing video of Tanzania’s finance minister coughing and gasping as he gave a press conference to defend the state of his health, was widely condemned on Wednesday. Finance Minister Philip Mpango, who did not reveal what he was suffering from, appeared at the press conference outside a hospital in the capital Dodoma, after rumors that he had died of Covid-19. Tanzania has come under fire for downplaying the seriousness of the coronavirus.


President John Magufuli has insisted for months that Covid-19 had been fended off by prayer, but last week conceded it was still circulating after the vice-president of semi-autonomous Zanzibar was revealed to have died of the virus.
Mpango, his voice trembling, had a coughing fit at the press conference to announce he was being discharged from hospital after 14 days.

“I came to the hospital with my oxygen cylinder but in the last three days I did not use it because my health has improved,” he said.
The minister briefly broke down as he sent condolences following a spate of deaths of prominent people attributed to “pneumonia” and “respiratory challenges”.
The coughing minister, who was not wearing a mask, was flanked by a doctor and a hospital director – both also maskless – while about 10 journalists attended the conference. Behind him stood doctors and nurses who were wearing masks.

"If you physically look at him, he was not supposed to talk at all but probably there was pressure behind," said one of the people present, who asked not to be identified.

On social media, people expressed horror at the scene, including opposition leader Tundu Lissu.
“Has the intelligence of our leaders reached this level? Who allowed this patient to cough on people, instead of being in the hospital for treatment or bed rest?” he wrote on Twitter.
“What kind of doctor is this who was coughed on without mask? What are you trying to prove by this recklessness?”
The head of the World Health Organization Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Sunday appealed to Tanzania to take “robust action” against Covid-19, after several travelers from the country tested positive.
Tanzania stopped releasing data on Covid-19 in April 2020.
On Sunday, Magufuli revealed that some of his aides and family members had contracted Covid-19 but recovered, and offered some lukewarm support for the use of masks.
“Let us all depend on God as we also take other preventive measures. I put God first and that is why I do not wear a mask.”
On Monday the United States issued a “do not travel” warning to Tanzania, due to the spread of the virus.

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Those guys sitted next to the coughing guy dont care about mask or social distancing

It is no longer survival of the fittest but the smartest.

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[SIZE=7]More than 25 priests, 60 nuns dead in 60 days, while Magfool says Tanzanians should keep praying to keep Covid 19 Out of the country…[/SIZE]

Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Dar es Salaam. The General Secretary of the Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC), Father Charles Kitima, has on Wednesday announced that more than 25 priests, 60 nuns and two elders of the laity died within two months of various causes including respiratory issues.
Father Kitima made the remarks while addressing the media on various issues, especially the Covid-19 epidemic, and urged church members to continue taking precautions against the disease in accordance with Health ministry guidelines.


In a statement, Mr Kitima said the deaths occurred between mid-December and February in different parts of the country.
“Priests are dying and sisters are dying but this number within two months has shocked us especially considering the government has strengthened health systems,” he said.
He said TEC president, Gervas Nyaisonga, had already distributed guidelines to bishops of various dioceses on measures to protect themselves against Covid while providing services.

[SIZE=6]Death of prominent Tanzanians[/SIZE]

This comes amid reports that death has robbed the country of at least 10 prominent persons in a span of three weeks. They include Chief Secretary Amb John Kijazi, Zanzibar First Vice President Seif Sharif Hamad, Bank of Tanzania (BoT) Governor Prof Benno Ndulu and former Finance and Planning permanent secretary Dr Servacius Likwelile among others.
The cause of Mr Hamad’s death was not immediately established but he was earlier hospitalized after testing positive for Covid-19.

While speaking at Amb Kijazi’s funeral last month, President John Magufuli appeared to acknowledge that Covid-19 was circulating in Tanzania.
He has previously downplayed the virus and said that prayer had rid the country of the pandemic.
However, while he seemed to accept that the disease was in the country, he ruled out imposing a lockdown and encouraged clerics to continue interceding for the nation to defeat the global pandemic.