Magaya, Nanook, Sweetie Waiguru, Mvurya

Tbh I have been preoccupied with some career and business ideas so I’ve not been following politics lately. I’ve put politics on a hold till 2022 as there is so much shit that I need to work on.

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I didn’t know the deputy of Taita Taveta is a lady. Her name is Majala Mlagui

@Ubongo and others, that’s exactly why he lost…he was too abrasive…hakuona mbele. How do you go on attacking Jubilee and expect them to vote for you. On the other hand look at how both Kalonzo Jr and Oburu lobbied…Oburu was busy meeting Jubilee mps the whole of last month. NASA was behind Norman but hangesaidiwa…hes still new in politics…now he knows…politics is about building bridges, not burning them…a game the Somalis have perfected


Money, power, vendetta and sympathy play out in EALA poll

Regional and ethnic mobilisation, political vendetta, monetary inducement, sympathy and comradeship between MPs and their former colleagues played out in the just-concluded East African Legislative Assembly elections.

Seven former MPs, some with deep pockets, and two newcomers were among those elected by the bicameral Parliament on Thursday to represent Kenya in the regional assembly.

The rejection of NASA chief executive Norman Magaya, a feisty lawyer seen as the face of rebellion against Jubilee, has triggered uproar in the coalition. “Jubilee marshalled against him [Magaya] to the last man,” an MP and a senior ODM official told the Star.

“If you look at the outcome, of the nine who were elected, seven are former MPs and six were in the last Parliament. It tells you the MPs through and through will always vote for their own.”

A defiant Magaya said he will not be silenced by Jubilee blackmail and those NASA MPs who have “traded their conscience”.

“If Jubilee can mobilise its parliamentarians not to vote for me, then it means I’m working. My role is not to sing praises for Jubilee and the crescendo can only go higher,” he said.

Oburu Oginga, the elder brother of opposition chief Raila Odinga, and Kennedy Musyoka, son of Wiper leader Kalonzo, were among those who easily won. Oburu got 243 votes, while Musyoka garnered 309.

Sources said Jubilee is not keen on a duel with Raila’s family, especially now that he is out to fight President Uhuru Kenyatta. Musyoka is said to have received many sympathy votes, because of his ailing mother in Germany.

Magaya needs to approach Ababu Namwamba quietly and learn about the fate of young firebrands and how ruthlessly they are eaten by old wolves.


@Ubongo …Oki…I will make my comment. Gov Nanok is one to watch out for. Tunampenda kiasi because he is fearless, shoots from the hip and is not scared to speak out for his people. He stood up to the PORK. I will be following his activities keenly.


Nanok is running away fron nasa, he knows he will be useless after 2022


And through that, he won for his people from 5 to 10%. As it has been said above, he seems he doesn’t want to get exploited by Babuon and most likely he wants to work with the government so as to leave a legacy in Lowdar

I/we are behind Nanok all the way…a rising star. A voice for his people and hope he can team up with WSR in 2022. Very forward thinking.