Magaya, Nanook, Sweetie Waiguru, Mvurya

Magaya deserted by NASA legislatures at his hour of need.
Nanok to carry on for six months and from there Salim takes over deputised by Swiri.
They could have given Nanook the second term, Salim to me seems very soft .

Kumbe even Governors have formed the Eating Sacco’s aka committees.17 committees each with at least 4 members.


Its not about being soft, national and county government serve the same people so they should cooperate and do joint projects.

I feel for Norman and his chest thumping

Waiguru to be deputy president come 2022. Ni hayo tu kwa sasa
NB: I don’t do politics…

What has happened to Norman?

He accidentally placed his name on the #resist list

shown the middle finger…ferk it!!!

Nimeona :D:D they’ve resisted him

It was confirmed to him that he is just a peasant past his expiry date.

details please…i want to have a TOJ moment…

He was rejected as an eala nominee even by odm and NASA constituent parties.

Magaya should have being more informed from Ababu Namwamba circus… RAT is in elections business and he mints billions… Norman Magaya just happened to be a minion in a family business… He no longer adds any value…


Is Nanok still Nanook in your post? before I make a comment.

Mvurya has been deputy c.o.g for two terms, so he’s equally capable and ready for the chairmanship position.
Fact that Kalonzo jnr polled the most votes even than Jp’s Simon Mbugua and that the 'youth ’ rep Oginga was chosen tells you that all the top honchos of both Jp and NaSa take care of each others back.

magaya amejua hajui!

Make a comment madam, it was just for emphasis

Manze he has fought more NASA battles than Oburu who have never uttered any single word throughout the election period.
Kalonzo’s son is out of sympathy, the two sides care for their own.
For Magaya, how is royalty /loyalty rewarded.?

@Grundy and @coldpilsner will still have positive side of this.