Magafuli give $1.9 billion, 442km railway contract to Turkish firm

I’m tempted to say all you Megafool lovers, if you don’t like it in Kenya you’re more than welcome to move to Tz. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!:D:p


But the country is moving upwards. Did you see italics I did up there

Hypocrite turns around pretending the hypocrisy was intentional.

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Tumeshindwa kupata ardhi. Wanasema lazima tuooe Tanzanian to get papers to buy land

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really, is the Country moving upwards? si ni nyinyi mlikuwa hapa mnasema GDP and maendeleo doesn’t mean shit when Uhuru was talking about his development record?


Bro but his policies you dislike are the same that are boosting that economy to a tune of 2.1% difference in comparison to last year. .think about it

My dear Abba siuoe basi. Those women have the legs you like. o_O

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Read below carefully incase you missed it. Word by word

Tanzania’s economy grew 7.9 per cent in the second quarter of 2016, compared to 5.8 per cent during the same time last year, the state-run National Bureau of Statistics said on Thursday.

“The growth of GDP in the second quarter was driven by mining, manufacturing and energy sectors,” Albina Chuwa, the director general of the bureau, told a news conference.

“The increased production of natural gas has significantly boosted electricity generation in the country.”

Economy is the word.don’t focus on Tanzania gdp.iv highlighted by the way

I can’t do of your kind is stress enough :Dbut on a serious note please go to Arusha the hilly villages, you will fall in love. Pure oxygen,green,clean stream, alive ecosystem, generous people though suspicious with species from Kenya. Yaani wacha tu

Two might be just what you need. :stuck_out_tongue:
Lakini used to love TZ until I became aware of their feelings towards Kenyans. Good luck you will need it!

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Remember Europe conquered the world when they were under Kings.
Let us keep celebrating our ‘democracy’ as other countries move forward.

They loved us before during nyerere’s time till one time he saw the greed that one of our president showed. That president was relocating his own people to grab land. That’s when he referred to us as “manyang’au”
Moreso did you hear the story of Kenyans who went to tz with fake dollars and conned every businessman selling maize? “I welcome you to my home and you take me a fool!!”. … so good people like me and you have to suffer because of few businessmen who were hypnotized by greed? Sawa tu

What democracy? yet you are stripping judiciary its power, you strip opposition is bodyguards because you have difference in political opinion, you pass legislation by tyranny of numbers without seeking any contribution of minority? You carelessly insult your opposition with name callings like mademoni, mugoroki, siogopi mtu. So what democracy you talking of yet you as a guardian have least respect for it? Kennedy you are way off the point .do research kidogo can help. .

You need a refresher course on what democracy means… Rule by majority.

Stripping judiciary its power?? - Even though this is a creation of your imagination, it would be a manifestation of democracy if the constitutionally recognized procedure is followed. In any case, the election was nullified by a majority decision… also democracy.

Pass legislation without seeking any contribution of minority?? - The matter was discussed in parliament. Minority walked out. It is their democratic right to walk out, but it is also Jubilee democratic right to pass legislation using their majority.

Insult your opposition - Both sides thow insults. Taking advantage of their democratic space. Dereva mlevi na makanga mwizi are actually late in this insult game.

Kenya is the only country where I’ve seen the minority pretend they have power to rule over the majority. Know your place.


Thread officially closed by these wise remarks

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Solemnly we need to divorce. Kenya needs divorce itself. Seems democracy evolves around 2 provinces. That’s option B they are talking of.So that you guys can keep your democracy and so shall we on people’s rupublic. It’s better than heading a different way. Ama niaje my fren

The net contribution of Nyanza and Western to Kenya’s GDP is about 10%.
You have no resources; you won’t be missed. Good luck as you battle it out with Burundi for Africa’s poorest country title.
Also, we’re keeping the name Kenya… You can be ‘West Kenya’ for all we care.

We will have the name “People Republic of Kenya”. Remember you will be landlocked because coast will be in people republic including turkana basin. Let the game begin

I assume you are referring to that map that has been doing rounds.
Apart from the Nyanza bloggers on Twitter + David Ndii, I’m yet to encounter a single coast person talk about secession. You really overestimate your importance if you think coast would follow Raila to secession.
Voting for Raila has not taken away their capacity to use their brains.
In the proposed country, Mombasa would contribute 80% of the GDP. Joining hands with Nyanza would be a drag. No economic benefit for Sultan and his people.