Magafuli give $1.9 billion, 442km railway contract to Turkish firm

Tanzania has awarded a $1.92 billion contract to a Turkish firm to construct a 422-km (262-mile) high-speed electric railway line, part of plans to overhaul ageing transport infrastructure.

The firm, Yapi Merkezi Insaat VE Sanayi As, will design and construct the railway line, the second infrastructure project won by the company in Tanzania this year.

“After assessment of the bids, Yapi Merkezi met the technical and financial requirements,” Tanzanian state-run railway firm Reli Assets Holding Company Ltd (RAHCO) said in a statement on Friday.


I love that president. Its electric and cheaper than our old looking artifacts. Tanzania itatupita Kenya as fools are more concerned about power than service delivery to the people


and it covers a lot more km’s at that also …

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But the most interesting thing thus far, is that the two contracts so far (300+442) km are funded by Tanzania government. No Chinese loan.


Uwongo prove it man…

@Sensiminia I still need your help, that thing we talked about several weeks, you went silent? ?

we being effed up every day by the govt and hunye asks us ‘‘mnataka nifanye’’


I think they get soft loans.
Must be the 2100 mw selous hydro power that they argue to implement with local funding.

It will be great to see Africa interconnected with rail. Trade will improve, and let fair trade prevail.

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Very tough my fren. I know the mistrust that exists

Move there fool

This tender has been awarded to this firm since 2016.

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You love a dictator? Congrats Abba.

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A sweet leader not dictator. Just like Paul Kagame.Look he is doing all that but the country is moving forward

A sweet leader who suppresses Freedom of the media?

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Id rather oppress media than citizens itself

I said you are a hypocrite, now it’s evident.


Hapo unajicontradict omwami, media and citizens work hand in hand.


Ni sawa tu. So your other user is @malboro3d… why I’m I hypocrite? Your hate for him is because he supports baba?whose hypocritical .
As you are busy bashing him please sefisha mecho with this .Meanwhile you sink dipper into debts 5trn next year I guess .

[I]Tanzania’s economy grew 7.9 per cent in the second quarter of 2016, compared to 5.8 per cent during the same time last year, the state-run National Bureau of Statistics said on Thursday.

“The growth of GDP in the second quarter was driven by mining(tumeshindwa na tutkana oil),
manufacturing(we love imported stuffs. Manufacturing in is to its knees) and
energy sectors(we are selling off our geothermals to Chinese as a collateral of loans borrowed),” Albina Chuwa, the director general of the bureau, told a news conference.

“The increased production of natural gas has significantly boosted electricity generation in the country.”[/I]

I did it intentionally omwami. I knew where I was heading to .provocative thinking I what i was invoking to get his reaction. I’m for media freedom

I don’t hate him. I have no reason to. I dislike his policies.

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