MAGA: Trump Today, Tomorrow, Forever


Kale kamams ka kurarua best SoTN address kanaskia kiwaru

I hope you realize that these right wing politicians and ideas you support would not hesitate to enslave you again if they could

Uhuru should see a role model in Trump and make Kenya great… Unaona Uhuru nyeuthi has sold us to the Chinese… Trump has liberated America

Trump bows down to Russians

Trump is chieth.

Whose poll is this? So we are supposed to take everything that Trumps media tells us without a pinch of salt.

We take what CNN tells us without an 18wheeler of salt?

Almost every news channel is bias, only listen to al Jazeera

I don’t support or believe CNN either. Show an independent poll and also economic and social data that proves America has become better under Trump.

Trump is a winner and win by a landslide.

The mad Democrats said he would never make it but he has proven them wrong

Make America great again!

Long live uncle Don.

Always in awe when I see people, especially of color, chanting MAGA without knowing its true euphemism. Why don’t they try and attend those rallies and see the kind of reception they are likely to receive.

Fact. Obama walked into a mess when he became POTUS after the Bush 43 disaster of a presidency. The current upsurge and strength in the economy is attributed to what Obama and his administration did. These are just facts and you can fact check them.

Trump is great . he should be added ten more years. Phuck that menstruating pelosi

MAGA… The nigga is doing better with Trump

What State or area code do you live in?