MAFUTA Yakiongezwa Bei Tarehe 14/04/2021 Mujitokeze Tugome KENYA Mzima. Tumechoka Na Jomo Dynasty

There is credible information suggesting that Fuel prices will be hiked by Ksh 6 Per Litre. Come out on the 15th and joing the Mother Of All Rallies. Hii Kenya sio ya Mama Ya Mtu. We will not carry the budden anymore.

Murudishe Mashamba yenu yanayotoshana na Province

global fuel prices of the barrel have risen since jan WHAT do you expect. prices to drop ama

Mkiweka jaluo Kwa government you’re finished. Who’ll protest for you.

Kufeni vinyangarika taka taka ghaseer. Tumtu twa toyota tuumbwa

Heshimu watu wewe

Tuminions nyinyi tuumbwa tushaitwani tujini twa chooni tusumbua nyinyi

Strike iko twitter for kenyans they dont have the balls to challenge their leaders

Expecting Kenyans to stand up against their annointed messiahs is asking too much of them… utaambiwa tumeachia mungu and start contemplating mass murder to weed out the stupid

Proof of concept…
Show us how fed-up you are…
You know, like dousing yourself in petrol…
Outside Parliament or even Statehouse…
To literally light things up.

It is a good thing that Kenyans have access to the internet and information. Fuel prices have jumped up everywhere not just Kenya. So pls stop nitpicking about revolutions which will never happen in your time. Pambana na hali yako.

Maisha haina blueprint.
Mungu ndio anapanga.
I don’t protest, that’s a job for hooligans who don’t have anything to do.
Why do you hate our president ? Is it because your tribe is backward and jealous ?

Ero kamano njaruo I come in peace! How are the young ones? How is the four bedroom mansion with 8 solar panels? Did you get a qualified electrician like we agreed?

go fuck yourself dude… i do not have the energy to engage your stupidity

Irio nade omera? Like I have told many others before, stressing yourself just stresses the foreskin. You waste so much blood flowing down to the prepuce while there are many other things you could do with that blood e.g swimming across Lake Victoria and back!

So just calm down release the tension, unclench the meat, relax the stone throwing bicep,put down the fishing net and let us reason like gents who attended the premier instuson of learning in Kenya, the University of Nairobi.

hatujakataa but you cant be taxing 50% on fuel hio ni ushenzi, na saa hizo umefunga economy

Mimi niko juu ya Jameson black barrel

hakuna mtu ame ku uliza

With fuel they are sure no revolution is bound to take place, but with food that’s hell of an assurance. Though it’s effects are felt almost everywhere, still it’s not a warrant for one.

Wacha gari iende car wash iingie parking hakuna haja kufurahisha kamwana

with Rona, expect zero revolution; despite the pain most people agree its a fight they can pick later, but honestly irrespective of Intl prices, govt is taxing fuel to “death”, as posted earlier, you cant tax a product above landing charges. moreso if the product dictates the status of the economy in the long run.

seen somewhere that govt intends to print money, hope its fools day extension but from birds perch, the economy in Kenya is ferked. Note: that was before Rona, govt apologists need to wake up there technocrats, this negative energy will explode when least expected. i cant have money and my neighbour is starving. Corrective action is needed