Mafuta blessing. Same story, different day and place.

[SIZE=7]Munyes heckled in Turkana while quelling unrest over oil[/SIZE]
Jul. 01, 2018, 9:00 am
By HESBOUN ETYANG @hesbounetyang and Mining Cabinet Secretary John Munyes addresses residents of Lokichar town while visiting Turkana County on June 30, 3018. /HESBOUN ETYANG

Petroleum and Mining CS John Munyes was heckled in Turkana County on Saturday while addressing problems surrounding oil extraction.
Munyes had been speaking at a funeral in Kakauma, Turkana West, when residents started chanting ‘Mafuta ni yetu (The oil is ours)’.
He had told the people that the oil belongs to the government, but quickly added that “residents are the government”.

Turkana residents on Wednesday blocked trucks from transporting oil from the Ngamia 8 in Lokichar to Mombasa.
They held protests over jobs, tenders, insecurity and the community’s share of proceeds from the oil. The demonstrators demanded that the trucks be driven back to Africa Camp Solutions where they had been blocked by traders from Lokichar town.
Details: No oil will leave Turkana without security and jobs, protesters say
Munyes urged the residents not to block the transportation of the oil while noting that this amounts to economic sabotage and blackmail.
"I don’t advise my people to block trucks of oil for the sake of the nation. Kenya is growing in petroleum and oil proceeds. We want to be an oil exporter by 2021. " he said.

“We agreed to move our crude oil from Lokichar to Mombasa because we want to benefit from it. Turkana is facing challenges of insecurity, jobs, employment and many other problems. I urge you to let oil be transported to Mombasa since oil is for the government.
The Minister said the government will solve the insecurity issue and that he and other Turkana leaders will ensure the solutions are immediate.
He also said that officials were holding talks with Africa Camp Solutions and promised the residents jobs.
Bungoma Senator and Ford Kenya leader Moses Wetang’ula, who also attended the burial, said President Uhuru Kenyatta should visit the county and address the grievances of residents.
While noting that there are rules on the sharing of resources, the Senator said residents should get their rightful share as they have guarded the oil for years.

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[SIZE=5]Nigeria faces separatist pressure over oil wealth sharing[/SIZE] ON NOVEMBER 25, 201511:41 AMIN NEWS0 COMMENTS

When Boko Haram captured territory in Nigeria’s northeast last year and declared a caliphate, there were real fears for the sovereignty of Africa’s most populous nation. A deadline is looming for the military to end the six years of violence, with signs that troops have wrested back control of most of the towns and villages lost to the Islamists. But now President Muhammadu Buhari is facing another potential headache with the revival of separatist sentiment in the country’s southeast and renewed debate over the sharing of oil wealth.

Recent weeks have seen a wave of protests calling for an independent state of Biafra, 45 years after the end of the brutal civil sparked by a previous declaration of independence. Now, campaigners in the oil-producing Niger delta are demanding total control of resources to develop the region, which remains under-developed despite billions of dollars earned from crude. Last Friday, the Niger Delta Self-Determination Movement (NDSDM) lobby group, declared the current agreement, whereby oil revenue is divided among Nigeria’s 36 states, was unfair. “The 13 percent (share for the Niger Delta) enshrined in the 1999 constitution by the military is depriving us of our God-given resources,” the group’s convener Annkio Briggs told reporters in Lagos.

“We want 100 percent control and ownership of our oil so that we can control our future.”

– [SIZE=5]Northern ‘dominance’ [/SIZE]–

Nigeria’s crude-reliant economy has been battered by the fall in global oil prices, hampering government spending and even the payment of state-sector salaries. Crude accounts for 90 percent of Nigeria’s export earnings and 70 percent of government overall revenue. In 2014, the country earned $77 billion from oil exports, according to the US Department of Energy, down from $84 billion in 2013 and $94 billion in 2012. How much each state in the federation gets from the sector has long been a thorny issue, exposing barely concealed regional and ethnic rivalries. Demands for a greater share of oil revenue were a factor in the violence that gripped the delta in the 2000s until a government amnesty programme, which ends this year, bought off militants.

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With most of our leaders being thieves and war mongers, I foresee Turkana becoming another Biafra or Niger delta.

From that photo, it looks like he has actually drank half the crude oil already

They should stop mining the oil and take their equipment so that the locals and the mpig telling them to protest can do it themselves.

I am sure the locals are incited by their Monkeys in throne.The same population has been running their areas using taxes from other regions but now they think that what they are getting or supposed to get is not enough.
Worst case scenario oil rich region waki sumbua Sana they should be left to have their own state/country tuone watafika wapi South Sudan was there too.

Whatever the prevailing deals are, if Turkana leaders don’t handle this thing properly, it’s a recipe for fucking disaster.

The same population has been running their areas using taxes from other regions…The same population has been running their areas using taxes from other regions…

Wow what a statement. And I imagine that the Turkana area must be thriving by now, what with all those taxes from other regions, the place must be seriously developed today!!

Na wakiwachwa I imagine watarudi nyuma… hahaha kuliko walipo sasa. Are you even pausing to think kidogo before you write?

Chief analyst so you think what they are doing is right ?
The leaders from that region should use other means to have the share increased . With them flip flopping no one from other regions will be willing to invest there .Wait till the same shenanigans is done hapa Muranga regarding water ukose ya kuflush Choo ndio utajua haujui.

That’s amount to economic sabotage

the thing with oil, mafuta hata haihitaji leadership or leaders and their politics and lies. Turkanas know their leaders screw them all the time and then hide in Nairobi. They know that quite well na halafu Nairobi ni far huwezi mfikia huko. Lakini tables have turned mafuta iko kwao ndio hii hapa.

With oil unaiona ndio ile… its physical. It’s right there ndio ile lorry. There’s no b.s. or hiding when it comes to mafuta. Hata mdinka fulani south sudan having never held a pencil or a book in his life knew what black gold was and its value. na hata ulete jeshi inatoshana aje, njaa haitambui upus. Bashir had all the guns to quell unrest in the south but hata yeye alitii. Why go through all that in Kenya? And you’ve seen what those fellows can do with a few ancient kalashnikovs in their hands over some starving cows…

mtu anasema Turkana wamesaidiwa sana na taxes wa appreciate alipoteza plot zamani. na maji na mafuta ni tofauti sana sana.

Hata wacha maji, sema maize for ugali for the stomach from north rift or wherever. Farmers wananyanyaswa na ncpb but maisha inaendelea tu. Now had it been oil wealth watu wa north rift wanachezewa nayo…

Oil politics is dangerous stuff if not handled well. History is sufficient proof. lazima udanganye community na actions: shule, barabara na sana sana JOBS JOBS JOBS if you want to steal their oil. You can’t take oil and just leave. Hii sio maji ama maize. This is the black gold.

Not all regions will have the Black Gold but they will have a resource that can can also fight for and i have given you a example of Muranga ( Ndakaini ). What the guys need is a sober way of dealing with the resource.Right now they are incited by politicians so the interests here are to benefit the politicians.If i may ask you what has South Sudan accomplished after fighting Bashir and getting independence in 2011 ?

History teaches us that history teaches us nothing. We should have learnt better from our fellow Africans about the curse that the black gold brings. We need sober leaders to address the genuine concerns that the Turkana people are raising. Apparently i doubt whether ther current leadership is ready for this. Sending police to escort the trust isnt a solution

Case closed.

haiya hujaona cnn ama al jazeera hao vijana wa Nigeria who drill oil with kalashnikovs on their backs? Na ni expert kabisa na mjamaa hajafanya engineering yoyote. Wanatumia karai na drums na pipe za maji na generator. Don’t joke with human will power and a hungry stomach.

Huko hata jeshi haiwezi ingia juu hao vijana ni crazy stupid bad ass killers. And Buhari can’t waste time trying to reclaim those territories juu anajua ataua vijana wake bure. But why should Kenya go that route? Kitu rahisi sana, just show them you mean well. hata kama unaiba.Usiwaache hivo bana. Kazi walianza kuitisha 2010. They started singing about jobs even before 2010 kazi ni kuwadanganya tu, na ndio hio mafuta mmeanza kuchukua.

Once those holes are sunk you don’t need tullow oil and their expensive rigs, youtube imetosha. Of course and a few strong men, pipes and fighters na mko na nchi yenu kidogo. unadhani Isil wanatoa aje mafuta in areas they control? They don’t need tullow oil, youtube na google zimetosha.

Are you trying to say that Nigerians with AK kwa mgongo and the ISIL share the revenue with everyone in the region ? Last time i checked they get the money and further their interests and will kill anyone against the idea.Who benefits in this ? What have the Nigerian guys done with the revenue they get from Youtube derived oil ? Show us a kiosk they have built ,same with ISIL .The person selling the arms is the beneficially and the top brass in the gang.

nimekuambia maji na mafuta ni two different worlds. Apart from saying they are incited by politicians, you dont need a politician to incite you when it comes to oil juu ni kitu unaona na macho. Since the kibaki era Turkanas have been asking for jobs in the oil industry, small protest but totally ignored. Wanaletwa tail end of news. haya ndio hio wanaiona sasa kwa lorry imetoka, hamwezi chota na amani na mwaache hivo! They know politicians lie.

South Sudan ni hio hio mambo ya kukataa ku share na maongo sio shida ingine. Kiir and his people living well hao wengine you want them to just watch and salivate? And yet they still have their guns…

Hata Isil ama uende boko haram. same story. One person refusing to share, the others decide enough is enough. Si Isil ilianza kitu tribal after the fall of Iraq. Some generals decided our tribe is finally free of Sadam lets take over the land and then all the oil is ours. Lets use these American guns fuck them and their desires. We will build a caliphate in our own style.

Tullow should just close shop and take away all their equipments tuone how they will benefit from the said Oil

As long as greedy people exist, and Kenua has plenty of them, nothing changes.

So according to you which is more valuable, water or oil?
Na kwani water is not physically visible?
And si they have their own prezzo aka gavana what has he done for them?
And what are these jobs they are demanding?