Maendeleo: SGR Freight Maiden Journey

Kenya Railways has dispatched one freight train from Mombasa to Nairobi way before schedule.

The 52 wagon train is ferrying 20 containers of maize and 32 TBL containers left Port Reitz freight station at 5:45 am and arrived to the city this afternoon.

“The cargo will be offloaded at the Inland Container Depot for clearance and last mile transportation by the cargo owners.”

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Last month during the launch of Makadara express inter county train service, Transport CS James Macharia said the cost of moving a container from the Port of Mombasa to Nairobi will not only be cheaper, but it will now be done within 24 hours.

“To transport a 24-foot container on our roads is Sh85,000 but it will be Sh50,000 once freight services begin,” he said when he launched the inter-county train services.

The Mombasa Port’s total annual freight handling is expected to exceed 50 million tonnes by 2030, doubling from 24 million tonnes in 2015.

The port handled 11.4 per cent more cargo in the first quarter of this year, largely due to increased efficiency.

It handled 7.2 million tonnes of cargo between January and March against 6.5 million tonnes recorded in a similar period last year.

President Uhuru Kenyatta launched the modern Madaraka Express passenger train service in Mombasa.

Since independence, the country has been stuck with the old line, which has been inadequate and has resulted in pressure on the highway from Mombasa to Nairobi. This has caused delays and exorbitant costs of commuting and moving cargo.

The passenger train has reduced travel time between Mombasa and Nairobi to between four and five hours. It takes travellers an average of nine to 10 hours to travel by bus between the two cities.


what are TBL containers?

Am made to understand the cargo train must give way to passenger trains at passing stations along the route. If that’s the case wouldn’t it make more sense to run the cargo trains at night between 8pm and 7am and passenger trains the rest of the time?


Through Bill of Lading


There not so many train journeys on the line as yet. Again, there are many passing stations along the route (separated at a distance of approx. 25km) so u don’t expect much delay for the cargo train while giving way to the passenger train.


Watu wa mbisha
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Actually the passenger trains should operate more at night and the cargo trains during the day.

And what’s the logic behind this?


would be unsafe for the inter-county train passengers to disembark. some of those stations are in the middle of no-where


Once boarded a passenger train from Nairobi to Mombasa waaay back. A Ndauwo alishukia sijui Mackinon Road Station ama wapi - the place is flat, so for the longest time, even as the train slowly left the station we could see the Ninja fade into the horizon armed only with his rungu and spear; and the njora sheathed by his side. We were like: “Sasa ule anaenda wapi haki?”… the middle of nowhere indeed


Rudi pango uliyotoka…

Freight serviced zilianza Dec 1st

a few months back tulipita station fulani kwa kichaka just before Voi tukiteremka coast and we had seen some hyenas drinking water in a pool hapo. so hapo ukishuka usiku ni za wapi sasa

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business follows custom…how long before they are in the middle of somewhere?


Sgr cargo has been in operation for sometimes now. Bringing Mexico maize and some ‘connected’ containers to ICD.
But ftom this year they have officially started operation which is a good thing since Rift valley railways is very incompetent. Na niulize how come they only quote 20’’ container’s price, how much is a 40’’ container going for?

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That makes sense.

At the passing stations passenger train stops for six minutes Maximum to give way. Freight stops for one hour maximum to give way, depending on the time it left the port.

Imagine you live in Maungu and disembark at Miasieny at night???
Feast for the lions!!

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Miasieny will never be in the middle of somewhere.It is in Tsavo National Park.

If that was the case,the metre gauge railway stations would have been somewhere,not nowhere in the 60s and 70s.
They did not.
That is why giraffes still roam close to the current Bachuma Gate station.