MaDVD invited to Hillary Clinton unveiling

Amani coalition leader Musalia Mudavadi is set to travel to the US on Wednesday for the official unveiling of Hillary Clinton as the presidential candidate for the Democratic party.

Mudavadi was invited as a guest at the International Leaders Forum organised by the National Democratic Institute.

The forum will be attended by all Democratic Members of Congress on July 25, 2016.

He is expected to be among the panelists in the Democratic Convention to discuss “What It’s Like to Run a Presidential Campaign”, together with former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright who is also the NDI Chairman.

Other panelists are Former Speaker Tom Daschle, NDI Vice Chair, and Ed Rendell, former Governor of Pennsylvania.

It is speculated that the Amani leader will likely make contact with outgoing President Barack Obama at the Convention, as his itinerary shows Mudavadi will be in Washington DC after Philadelphia for a series of meetings at the State Department.

Wacha Madvd pia naye apate exposure labda atachanuka!

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yuko chini sana