maduro arrests trump's mercenaries

a dumber version of the bay of pigs:D:D

Cut off their balls and feed them the same

This was a silly operation by imbeciles.

[CENTER]Buffalo city metro
That not Ashy!!![/CENTER]

Well, this is embarrassing. Why didn’t they use the pros? I know the guys in Dam Neck, Fort Bragg and Langley are mad as hell right now.

CIA is lying low waiting for trump to go:D:D
CIA Lies Low, Waiting for Trump Storm to Pass – Foreign Policy

:D:DThat can’t be Trump…Angekuwa yeye angetumia wale mercenaries wa ACADEMI ile ya Erick Prince

Its as if you black monkeys enjoy and cheer whenever that faggot bully USA messes up smaller countries. Little did you know you may be next in line for shafting

Tomorrow you’ll read a post of mine that’s anti-American to the core, then you’ll scratch your head and wonder where do I stand? Isn’t this the same guy who was cheering the faggot bully USA? For now continue thinking you know me. You are entitled to your opinion no matter how wrong it is.

Those could be some common pickpockets being paraded by Maduro.
Either way, the US will never confirm they are theirs.

There is no way to know.
Also, Trump’s ‘security team’ implies Secret Service. Coups are not in their job description.