Madonna in kibra

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Zile comments ziko kwa hii mbisha wacha tu

Who is madonna lakin?

Mwenye aliimba hivi…Donna mama Donna,Donna mama Donna

Scenes like this affects the image and perception of the black Man Worldwide.

Huyo hapo

Amesema eti this is where they get their water

âme adopt hio familia, ama?

I know, trying to make is sensational, anyways, Kuna watu wanakunywa maji ya Athi-River down the stream.

Visiting Kibera is nothing more than adding a feather to the public image/CVs of these so called celebrities; Just like the Toyota Prius fad in Hollywood a few years back. At least Jay Leno never pretended and stuck with his guzzlers

NKT! Publicity stunt this one. Lazima apige selfie? na aweke kwa mneti?

Who was the area MP?

Slum tourism, this should be our biggest tourism product after Masai mara hehe.

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Yeah. I remember one Caroline Mutoko speaking against it on Kiss back then .How every international celeb goes directly to the slum once they jet in. I agree it should be considered as tourism of sorts.

Joyce Banda told her off sometime back.

largest slum in africa…I suggest we also turn these national parks into slums after all most tourists come to visit slums not parks.


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:D:D:D:D:D:D asubuhi asubuhi, bangi na chai!!!

Na mbegu zake?