Madoadoa Walimwe Hadi Waangamizwe

Ukiendelea Na ujinga tutakuuwa kama mbwa ya @RiverRoad

We should also deal with those not supporting the current govt and rais.

Heshimu RiverRoad

@administrator censor the word madoadoa ,I think that word is brooding fear and an agenda.
Infact any politician using that word should head to Hague .madoadoa Dio Nini? Fuckers looting billions then using words to create enemity between innocent people. Hapa kitui we live peacefully with everyone whether Sudanese or whatever only zoomalian ghaseers rock chaos here

May he rot in deepest parts of hell that ghaseer , kibaki ran this government without this pandemonium. The time I will decent to hell I will beat moi like brukenge.

Kenya ilikua kama N. Korea banae