Madoa doa hypocrisy

I am also asking the same question


Hii mwaka inakaa kuwa Noma sana

siasa tunaweka kwa lungs sikuizi. inaingia ikitoka juu i’m by myself. no one and absolutely no one will put something on your table

Madoadoa is simply a Swahili word which means spots or marks. Those who wishes to interpret and misinterpret in whichever way wasituletee.

Wakale understanding yao huwa chini kama ya walalo.

One person said "anataka vijana wabebe bunduki na raila atakuwa amri jeshi mkuu"

Pretty harmless

Another one said hao madoadoa wa uasingishu wafukuzwe kabisa

I didn’t hear Linturi say anything close to wafukuzwe kabisa. Please share a clip of him saying the same. And are vijana supposed to beba bunduki or the police?

How about the “madoadoa” narrative was actually used in PEV 07/08 to kill and displace people in Rift Valley? Does that work for you? Why does it always have to be a dick measuring contest even on things that are obvious??

Does that now answer your madoadoa issue? So everyone that has said madoadoa should be posecuted? True?


Timing… tone…context…place…you are actually helping me make my point.

Does he know what he’s posting?
Au coz it’s itumbi and miguna putting it on social media makes it correct?

Kutoa madoadoa jubilee is the same as kutoa madoadoa uasingishu?

Boy, get some brains