Madness season is here: selling shambas, conducting fundraisings etc to campaign for nomination certificates that will be sold to the highest bidder

Nimeona a few political aspirants have started campaigns, hoping to win the party primaries come April 2022. Nothing wrong with that but shida ni wale wanauza shamba, businesses, conducting fundraisings and using their savings/pension to campaign for nomination certs.

It’s probably the worst kept secret but in Kenya, apart from paying the official nomination fee, the nomination cert is given to the highest bidder. Essentially even if you win the nomination, you will still pay ‘ya kando’ to get that certificate and this is where most ‘hustlers’ will be knocked out because they cannot afford that fee. People pay because they know getting those certs is almost an automatic win in their parties’ stronghold/because of three-piece voting. And of course those who lose will run to rival parties and tell their supporters they were ‘rigged out’. The nomination primaries in 2022 will be so shambolic that 2017 will look like child’s play.


That’s why RUTO IS A Fool. Shoving everyone in UDA will hurt him. He could let regional kingpins have their own parties, and deal with the nominations nightmare

I agree.

Regional Kingpins like who?

Anyone who can mobilize

Back in 2017, pesa ya certificates could range anywhere from 1m to 10m depending on position, with Governor as the most expensive, prob 10m and above. In 2022, cost of certs will certainly be higher.

Given UDA’s popularity esp in North Rift, I cannot even imagine how much the certs will cost even at MCA level. Hustlers hapa watafinywa vizuri na ndio watajua in Kenya money talks, not ‘youth’.

But kama uko popular ground. Its better you go as an independent candidate.

The stingy mofo is salivating

Best time for bargain properties.