Madem wa Japan wamesema lanyes Don't count as cheating

Japan hoyeeee!

Bruh… Japanese women are not worth it. They themselves are notorious serial cheaters. They are also very ruthless and uncompromising when it comes to men. There is a reason why Japan has the worst birth rates in the world, and that reason is the absolute state of Japanese women. So whatever rationalization you have for liking Japanese women, get rid of it.


@Unataka_kujua_ili tell us more banae.
Na vile tunakaanga innocent?


Nimenyonga na porno mingi za japan

Hii kitu iko scripted.Topic kwanza huyo mwenye aliencourage bf aone lanye ametuona watoto.

Madame huko Japan wanakalianga mabwana zao sana. Mabwana huko wanapeanga mabibi zao salo halafu wanaendea pocket money kila siku. Alafu madame uko wanakuanga na demands high sana kwa romantic partners, especially kwa income. Plus vile nimesema hapo, cheating huko ni commonplace. Both sexes cheat. A lot.
Ukigoogle mbona Japanese men are shunning marriage utapata bullshit reasons kama wanting their freedom, etc… But reason ni marrying Japanese women is 100% diminishing returns.


Ushai manga mjapanese?

Nah man. Closest I’ve come is an Indian.

idk how you do it. The women have no ass no tits, squeel like pigs and that entire race looks like frogs or grey aliens.

alien GIF


Not all. Kuna some reddit channel ilikuwa na some thicck japs with nice boobies. Musooori sana banae