Made in TZ

Should be illegal as it is dangerous. When a vehicle has a cargo port that can haul more than a calculated maximum braking and holding power, it shouldn’t be allowed on the road. Jamaa wakijaza mawe za construction hapo juu usiku, hkw the hell will that thing stop.


Nangonjea hiyo katimu ya @T255 wakamuliwe na @Batoto ba @Congo


Generally, fools need to understand that transportation vehicles body types are constructed specifically to transport x y or z type load.

In this tuktuk trailer demo the kind of expected load is also demonstrated…mbuzi wewe

Why some fool would immediately jump to imagining that tuktuk trailer being jazwad with construction stones is something that needs to be studied among nyeuthi.

You know even in places where transportation rules are enforced 100%, people still overload commercial trucks. Na wanashikqa kila siku. Unalipa fine worth 1/2 month of pay.

I used construction stones to uplift imagination of wasee kama Wewe who can’t think outside the box. Ningeweka ata ndizi.