Made in Rwanda Phones

Rwandan President Paul Kagame Monday officiated the launch of Mara Phones manufacturing plant, which will make smartphones in the country.
The first ‘made in Rwanda’ phones rolled off the assembly line last week, the presidency said, through a partnership with Mara Group.
“The Mara Phone joins a growing list of high-quality products that are made in our country… It is another milestone on our journey to high-tech, ‘made-in-Rwanda’ industry,” President Kagame said.
In a series of tweets from the presidency, Kagame was quoted saying: “The introduction of Mara Phones will put smartphone ownership within reach of more Rwandans.”

Paul Kagame #1 in Africa when it comes to developing his nation

They are doing good. I envy them. The future is their’s to fvck up!

But looking back, back in the 70s, 80s, a little bit of 90s, then mid 2000 and onwards, such were normal from Kenya, tukazoea hata ikawa haitangazwi tena.

another pr/ego project for kagame africa really has a long way to go.

Kenya is number 50 when it comes to developing its country

Why use the name Mara??

Isipokuwa made in Africa… What is the differentiating factor? Na io Mara X ni 1GB RAM= A lot of hanging and crashing

Doesnt it resonate with all Africans by using that name?

Wewe kaa hapo ukisema PR. Have you been to Kigali? They are leading in EV technology and other fronts like healthcare, literacy etc.

How is it a PR stunt if it is a business that creates employment and pays taxes…? What’s wrong with this dunderheads who criticize everything? Africans will only ‘going that long way’ when they start electing benevolent and visionary autocrats like Kagame…

Mara is this Ugandan company that’s spearheading the manf of that phone

so import all the stuff from china ship them to dar/mombasa put them on some shit roads for two weeks so that you can assemble them in kigali by some expat engineers and where btw has the highest electricity cost in east africa and its still unreliable and be able to compete with phones made in shenzen and your target market belongs to the LDC bracket ?tell me again what happened the over hyped car assembly in kigali? keep drinking kagames pr.

btw that mara group went belly up a few months ago and the ceo faced a boardroom coup and the group had to sell some of its assets which includes the banks that equity is buying in Mozambique and zambia

Wapi link?

Nitaheshimu ile kampuni itafanya original r&d and not just assembly… Assemblying is easy, r&d is hard

A journey of thousand miles starts with a single step. They are doing well

It’s not a government funded project. The economic viability of the operation is not Kagame’s business. His government’s responsibility is create an enabling environment for businesses, and it has excelled in doing that.

Running such an operation is complex affair, cost of electricity is just one component, there are other considerations like the cost of labor, which should be very low in Rwanda, and taxes…etc. The investor who is risking their capital in that venture is likely much more informed about the costs and the profit margins involved than a random keyboard warrior. And, to think that you can only manufacture smartphones profitably in China shows an utter lack of imagination…typical African bonobo mindset.

In October 2016, Thakkar told a family court judge in London that he was worth only about $541,000 (Sh54 million). He also noted that he doesn’t own a stake in Mara Group and that the company was owned by his mother and sister.

A Wall Street Journal investigation showed the Atlas Mara various investments and projects were doing badly and that the investments and assets were worth about $30 million (Sh3 billion) in 2017.

The firm turned to Fairfax Africa for funding to salvage its fortunes, and the new investors decided to replace Thakkar with their own appointments at the board. “Thakkar and Tonye Cole, a founding director and chair of the nomination committee, had stepped down from its board. Michael Wilkerson, Richard Boucher, Quinn McLean, and Hisham Ezz Al-Arab joined as new directors — all Fairfax appointees,” Reuters said.

Eeeeeeeeh huyu jamaa kumbe ni imbo

Was the car assembly being funded by the Rwandan exchequer? If yes, then that’s Rwandan gvt’s failure. If it was being funded by private capital then, its failure has got nothing to do with kagame. And, businesses fail all the time, it’s not a big deal. Kagame’s job is to lure investment into Rwanda, so far he’s doing a brilliant job.

only fools resort to insults when they can’t back up their arguments.goodnight.

No, your reasoning was as shallow as puddle…I was simply pointing that out, and educating you.